Love Island

EXCLUSIVE: Love Island’s Isabelle responds to backlash over re-coupling with Blake

''They very much backed me in to a corner''

By Tina Burke
Isabelle was eliminated from the Love Island Villa on Wednesday night, after failing to make a connection with newbie Blake.
As he re-coupled with another newbie, Margarita, Isabelle was left in a "vulnerable" position going in to the elimination.
Fortunately, she was happy to be sent home.
"I feel really good, it's kind of an interesting feeling coming out of here but I felt like it was my time to go," she tells Now To Love.
Isabelle was on a tumultuous romantic rollercoaster during her few weeks in the Villa. Though she instantly caught the eye of both Eoghan and Luke, she ultimately ended up coupling up with Matt, after Luke chose Cassie.
Then, when Blake selected her for a single date, Isabelle realised she'd like to pursue things with him. For some reason, Isabelle was vilified by the boys and some fans for re-coupling ... even though that's kind of the done thing around these parts.
She was confronted by the boys in the villa after her date with Blake, a move she says was uncalled for.
"I was not expecting that backlash at all," Isabelle says. "They very much backed me in to a corner and it made me very defensive.
"I did understand the boys supporting their mate, and I apologised to Matt for hurting him - I honestly felt really bad - however, I didn't feel like I needed to grovel and go around the entire villa apologising to everyone."
Isabelle and Matt were a cute pair, but they just weren't mean to be. Image: Nine Network
Isabelle points out it was hypocritical for the boys to question her intentions or shame her for exploring her options, when they've done the same.
"Going on the date [with Blake] wasn't even my choice, and I thought it was a little hypocritical. Especially of Luke, when he had basically just done the same thing to me when he was still with Cassie," she said.
"I definitely thought it was a double standard, I think it was the pot calling the kettle black," she added
"I didn't plan it or purposefully do anything to hurt Matt. So I hoped they would look at their reactions and realise they were blowing things out of proportion."
It wasn't just the boys condemning Isabelle. The reality TV star unknowingly became the victim of social media trolls, who questioned her intentions and slammed her for not staying with Matt.
"I haven't seen a lot, but I have heard I was being labelled as a sort of villain on social media," Isabelle reveals, fresh out of the Villa.
Isabelle was targeted for re-coupling with Blake. Image: Nine Network
But the tables turned when more fans on Twitter began to question the double standard. And fans weren't the only ones defending Isabelle.
The Bachelor's Abbie Chatfield, who is a friend of hers, took to Instagram with a four minute video to question the critics. She also left multiple comments on Isabelle's Instagram page, responding to trolls.
"She's being isolated in the Villa and also is the victim of public outrage for something that, from what I've been told, is part of the show?" Abbie, who was also the victim of social media bullying, says in her video.
"It doesn't matter what someone does on TV, what do you achieve by commenting horrible things?"
Isabelle reveals she's "so happy" to hear that Abbie was looking out for her on the outside.
"That's so nice! That makes me happy," she says. "I love Abbie. She received so much backlash when she was on The Bachelor, and so much from other women.
"I probably shouldn't say this, but I think it's even worse when I see women putting women down, whereas for me, it was a little boy band ganging up on me."
Abbie (right) became a 'villain' on The Bachelor earlier this year. Image: Network 10
Despite all the ups and downs, Isabelle insists any drama with Matt is in the past.
"I'm not going to hold any grudges," she says. "I'm great friends with everyone, and I'm excited to catch up as a big group."
Love Island Australia airs weeknights at 8:40pm on Channel Nine.