I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!

Welcome to the jungle! Miguel Maestre confirmed as first I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here contestant

“Good luck making paella with beans and rice…”

By Tina Burke and Amber Giles
Let the games begin! Network 10 has dropped its first promo for the upcoming season of I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! Australia, and they've got us hooked already.
The Living Room's Miguel Maestre is the first celebrity confirmed to be heading in to the South African jungle when I'm A Celeb returns with its sixth season in 2020.
Hosts Julia Morris and Dr. Chris Brown will be back in action when the series kicks off on January 5 2020. The season will air five nights a week live via satellite from the jungle (not the Blue Mountains, where some fans are CONVINCED it is filmed).
When asked why he's decided to trade his chef's hat for one of the show's signature Akubras, Miguel tells TV WEEK it's been a long time coming.
"They've been asking me for so many years, but we never aligned with The Living Room," the 40-year-old star says. "It's a massive production and it's my life, so we have never aligned and Chris was already gone [as host], if I was to go too – what is The Living Room without the two of us?"
Miguel admits he's looking forward to being himself on the show, following his unsuccessful stint on Dancing With The Stars Australia earlier this year.
"It's almost like, I cannot be wrong being me! On Dancing With The Stars I had to be a dancer, and I wasn't the best... they kicked me out in the first episode. I'm not very good at anything else but being me and cooking paellas, really."
Miguel jokes he'll be trying to make paella out of the provided beans and rice, and whatever he can find in the jungle.
"Well that's what I'll be doing all day in there, I'll be hunting for chickens and stuff. I'll be like Bear Grylls in the night time, trying to set up traps."
Miguel Maestre, Julia Morris and Dr Chris Brown in action on IAC. Image: Network 10
Miguel tells TV WEEK his The Living Room co-stars have prepared him for the role.
"Every day what I do is a challenge, on The Living Room they push me in crocodiles, and sharks, and stuff like that," he says. "But this is like a real challenge."
Though it will be difficult, there is sure to be a lot of fun on-set. The celebrity chef reveals he's excited to "stir up s--t" with his pal Chris, who'll be in a position of power over him in the jungle.
"Everyone else will look at him like he's the host Dr Chris Brown, I can see him as gringo. So I think I'll give him so much s--t," Miguel jokes.
"But we are really good friends and we love being in each other's presence. So I think he's enjoying the fact that I'll be hanging around him for all this extra time."
Miguel with his The Living Room co-stars. Image: Instagram @thecrazybull
Miguel's other co-star and close friend Barry Du Bois will also play a part in his reality TV role, with the star revealing he's chosen to compete in honour of R U OK? The suicide prevention charity aims to start life-changing conversations, and Barry is a member of the board.
"Earlier this year when I did Dancing with the Stars it was to raise money for R U OK? and I felt like I failed," Miguel says. "That would have been $50,000 for my charity, but this would be $100,000. So I almost feel like it's redemption – you know?"
"I think this is my second chance to try and help all of my brother chefs in the industry who are struggling, my friends in the past two years who have taken their lives, which is why I did the dancing show in the first place," Miguel says of his motivation to take part in the series.
"I've got my people behind me. All the people who are not feeling okay, who are not feeling well, I hope they can see me and smile, and know that I'm doing it for them. Maybe we can raise this money and do more with the charity and have a positive outcome."
Miguel with Chris and Barry. Image: Instagram @thecrazybull
I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! premieres Sunday, January 5 2020 on Network 10.
If you or anyone you know needs help, please call Lifeline on 13 11 14.

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