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OPINION: Vikki Campion, it’s time to wave “Barna-bye” to Joyce

He cheated on his wife, abandoned his family and publicly questioned the paternity of his partner's unborn baby -- Barnaby Joyce is the man you warn your friends about.
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Dear Vikki,

From one woman to another, it’s time to rethink your relationship with Barnaby Joyce.

Time and time again, Barnaby has publicly humiliated and shamed the women in his life, including you. Such is his seemingly disregard for his wife, daughters and yourself, that I question just how much he likes women at all. Besides your partner’s opinion of women, during this ongoing soap opera he has shown little public potential to be a good partner or a good father. So frankly, I think it’s time to wave him, “Barna-bye-bye.”

It seems to me Barnaby has one true love, Barnaby Joyce, and he will screw over the key women in his life just to keep himself afloat. In case you missed it, in his latest set of quotes, he spectacularly threw you, Vikki under the bus, blaming you for accepting the controversial TV deal of $150,000 for an exclusive “Barnaby Joyce and Vikki Campion interview” with Channel 7.

“If it was just an interview with me as a politician, sure, I am not going to charge for that,” he said on Tuesday. He then spoke on your behalf and quoted you as saying: “Seeing as I am being screwed over and there are drones and everything over my house in the last fortnight, paparazzi waiting for me, if everybody else is making money then [I am] going to make money out of it.”

Surely Barnaby, with his 14 years in politics and countless dealings with the media, wouldn’t speak quotes that could imply the mother of his baby is a money-grabber. A good partner wouldn’t do that. Oh, right.

Barnaby didn’t take responsibility for the contentious TV deal, nor did he even hint that the decision was made as a couple.

I say run, Vikki!

But this isn’t the first time Barnaby has publicly hung you out to dry when his reputation was under threat. In a decision dumbfounding us all, Barnaby announced, on the record mind you, that the paternity of your child was “a grey area”. What’s worse, he drilled home the suggestion that you may have been sleeping with other men, by listing his whereabouts, almost to the day, around the time that the baby would have been conceived. According to Saint Barnaby, he was dutifully with his wife, Natalie.

That reminds me, Natalie Joyce stood by Barnaby for 24 years of marriage. She placed her own career on hold to support Barnaby through his political life. Simplistically speaking, she gave him four beautiful daughters and he seemed to reward her with the humiliation of a public affair with a younger woman.

If that wasn’t enough, Barnaby decided his own career was far more important than the turmoil of his wife and daughters, that when your affair was exposed he refused to step down as Deputy Prime Minister. He stayed put and let his family, and you, face probing media, degrading headlines and public humiliation for weeks. Not really behaviour worthy of a #1 Dad mug?

Barnaby Joyce's deputy PM position up in the air

“According to infidelity statistics, people who have cheated before are 350% likely to cheat again.”

Look, I’m sure you’ve considered the old adage, “once a cheater always a cheater” and perhaps you’ve found ways to squash those unwanted thoughts from creeping in. But according to infidelity statistics, people who have cheated before are 350% likely to cheat again. I say run, Vikki!

No one really likes advice, especially from strangers. But if you bear with me, I have just one more thing I’d like to note about Barnaby’s opinion of women. Despite being surrounded by women, Barnaby has little regard for their health. In 2006, your partner protested the use of the potentially life-saving cervical cancer vaccine Gardasil, fretting it might encourage female promiscuity. How ironic. What’s more, according to a Sydney Morning Herald journalist, in 2013, when Gardasil went on the vaccination schedule for boys, Barnaby did not make a peep.

And Vikki, if all of this isn’t enough to realise that Barnaby’s one true love seems to be himself, throughout the furore, he has been busily penning his autobiography.



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