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The Barna-baby arrives! Former deputy PM Barnaby Joyce welcomes son with partner Vikki Campion

Despite admitting the identity of the baby's biological father was "a grey area", Mr Joyce will raise Vikki Campion's son as his own.

By Bettina Tyrrell
The ex-deputy prime minister of Australia, Barnaby Joyce and his former-staffer and now partner Vikki Campion have welcomed their first child together, a healthy baby boy.
The new parents have named their new bub Sebastian. He was born at weighing 3.7 kgs, (8lb 7 ounces) and both mum and bub are said to be doing well.
Previously, first-time-mum Ms Campion revealed the baby will be named after her two brothers, the only people who knew about her pregnancy, before it made the headlines.
Vikki Campion and Barnaby Joyce. Image source: Facebook.
Of course the couple's little bub will be unaware of the incredible stir his arrival into the world has caused. His conception has been one of the biggest political scandals Australia has seen.
It was first revealed to the public married father-of-four Barnaby Joyce, 50, had an affair with his former-employee Vikki Campion, 33, and was expecting a child together, when photographs emerged in February of Ms Campion with a very obvious baby bump.
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After a two-week long battle with the media, the prime minister and his own party, Mr Joyce had no option but to step down from his role a deputy prime minister and leader of the Nationals party.
Despite weeks of publicly defending Ms Campion and apologising to her as well as his wife and daughters, Mr Joyce made the surprising announcement that the child may not be his. In an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald Ms Joyce said the identity of the biological father was "a grey area" but claimed he would raise the child as his own.