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BREAKING: Barnaby Joyce RESIGNS as Deputy PM following affair with staffer, Vikki Campion

“I will be stepping down from the leader of the National Party…”

By Ellie McDonald
A fortnight after it was revealed that Barnaby Joyce had an affair with his staffer, Vikki Campion, the deputy Prime Minister has resigned from his position, effective Monday, February 26.

What did Barnaby Joyce say?

"Can I say right from the start, this is never about me," he stated in a press conference. " It's about the person in the weather board, something that manifestly expressed what the National Party is about."
"I am so humbled to have been the deputy PM of this country… Over the last half a month, a litany of allegations and might I say right here … the leaking background will destroy my government – it will destroy any government…"
He then went on to say that his resignation comes as Joyce aims to give his party "clean air" and that he will have much more than politics to worry about in a few months' time.
"In April a baby will be born and I will have other things on my mind," he said.
He stated that resigning will be a "circuit breaker for Vikki, a circuit breaker for my unborn child and my daughters".
"It's gotta stop for the poor buggers who have camped outside my house every day," he joked of the reporters on his front lawn.
Joyce also added that while he is stepping down from his role as leader of the National Party, he will continue to play a role in politics as a member for New England "without a shadow of a doubt", as well as pen a book.
He then opened up about the recent sexual harassment allegations revealed in some media, saying he had referred at least one of these to the police.
The father-of-four has faced public scrutiny since it was revealed by The Daily Telegraph that Joyce had an affair with Campion, ending his 24-year marriage to his wife, Natalie.
"This situation is devastating on many fronts — for my girls who are affected by the family breakdown and for me as a wife of 24 years, who placed my own career¬ on hold to support Barnaby through his political life," she told the Daily Telegraph.
More as this story develops.