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TV anchor Karl Stefanovic is putting health, happiness and family first

Karl’s amazing gift to his girls.
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Karl Stefanovic surprised everyone – including himself – when he called an emergency meeting to discuss concerns over Nine’s toxic workplace culture that have surfaced in recent reports.

“It shocked a few people when he stepped up to chair the meeting at Today. But Karl loves Jasmine and his daughters so much that he would hate to see them grow up in a world where toxic work environments are still a part of everyday workplaces, especially for young women,” reveals a TV source of Karl’s decision, after the shock exit of Nine’s news and current affairs director Darren Wick.

“He has so much respect for Sarah [Abo] and his sister-in-law Sylvia [Jeffreys] and Brooke Boney, who he’s become really close buddies with.

Karl Stefanovic’s girls are the epicentre of his world. (Image: Supplied)


“His Nine family are just as important to him as his actual blood family. So he’s decided if he doesn’t stand up [for them] then who will? There were a few critics at Nine who wondered what his motivation was.

“But at the end of the day he’s made no secret of where he stands. He’d have seen it as an opportunity to show other male colleagues they really do have to do better.

“The old larrikin in Karl is still there, but these days, he knows he’s in a position of power. And he has to do what he can to make Nine and other places safe to work in for females.”

It’s just one of many “lightbulb” moments that the beloved 49-year-old TV star has been having of late.

“Karl has had a bit of a wake-up call re his health, knowing he’s not getting any younger and wants to approach  50 having made some huge lifestyle changes – he’s become a lot more introspective about what’s really important in life,” adds the insider.

“After losing his good mate Warnie [Shane Warne] a few years ago Karl is doing everything to try and shed a few kilos and take better care of himself. He loves his family and wants to be around for a long time – Jasmine is the epicentre of his world. And he knows he has to lift his game if he’s to survive the next 50 years!”


The couple shared a teaser of what Jasmine’s dream home will look like when complete. (Image: Supplied)

As well as his health overhaul, Karl is in the middle of building wife Jasmine her dream home with the help of Pete Kennon from Studio Kennon.

“Jasmine is beside herself excited she’s finally getting her dream home. She’s always wanted the huge harbour view mansion Karl had with ex-wife Cass. And now plans are afoot and in the pipeline for it to come true since winning their battle with the local council, who’ve approved their designs.

“It’s set to be $4 million with the cost of building on the rise, but Karl wants Jasmine to get the home of her dreams!”


Willow is taking Spanish lessons now that she’s dating an Argentinian. (Image: Instagram)

Karl can’t wait to spend time with his daughter Willow, 19 – who’s studying fashion in London – while he’s in Paris. He wants to meet her new polo-playing boyfriend!

“Willow has fallen for a wealthy Argentinian polo player who works in business banking and finance – his name is Genaro Abdala and if she’s smitten, he’s head over heels!” shares a source.

“They reportedly met in Aspen when Willow and her brothers Jackson and River holidayed with their father and Jasmine and Harper last Christmas. His family have a place in Spain, and he’s been treating her to lavish trips to Ibiza – she’s living the high life.”


Karl Stefanovic with a beer
Karl may be skipping his birthday bash in Paris. (Image: Supplied)

Karl was once famously drunk on air after the Logies, but could he be putting away his beer glass for good? Plans were afoot for the notorious party-loving Queenslander to hold a 50th birthday party to end all parties while in Paris for the Olympic Games.

But a pesky scheduling issue has meant that Karl might end up flying home earlier than expected and be back in Australia for his birthday.

“He’s secretly relieved that the party might be cancelled. After blowing $50,000 on Jasmine’s 40th earlier this year, he’s thinking that a low-key lunch somewhere in Noosa might be easier on the bank balance, especially with his new house to pay for!”

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