These gorgeous sustainable gift ideas are sure to impress your eco-conscious loved ones, and make you feel good too

Santa’s getting a sustainable makeover.

Watching the delight on a family member or friend’s face as they unwrap a gift they genuinely love is one of the biggest joys at Christmas.

To put it simply: giving feels good. But, it can feel even better.

Whether you’re hoping to minimise your impact on the environment or you’re buying for an eco-conscious loved one, opting for an eco-friendly gift benefits everyone involved.

With so many brands not only going green but also giving back in their manufacturing process, gift giving has become an even greater feel-good act in recent years.

Gone too are the days of eco-friendly brands being labelled drab or daggy as the eco-conscious movement grows, with everyone from big name brands to underground designers making a conscious change.

The best sustainable gifts in Australia

From fashion labels to beauty brands and the paper you use to wrap them in, we’re rounding up the best eco-friend gift ideas ahead of Christmas.


The Slidekick, $149 at TWOOBS

With TWOOBS, you can rest assured that the shoes are made with vegan-friendly materials and are PETA-Approved Vegan, so you can strut with a clear conscience.

The no-fuss slip-ons are perfect for those who love comfort, quality and the environment. They also come in a range of fun colours.


urban brew

Coffee Pod Subscription, $40.50 at Urban Brew

Gift a coffee lover you know with a subscription, so they can enjoy a fresh cup every single day. Urban Brew offers coffee pod subscriptions for as little as 45 cents per pod, delivered right to you (or your recipient) every month for the ultimate convenience.

Not only this, but their coffee pods are also industrial compostable which offers an alternative that is better for the environment than aluminium coffee pods.



SodaStream Terra Sparkling Water Maker Machine, $131.88 at Amazon

SodaStream is perfect for your cocktail-loving friend or that family member who is always ordering sparkling water for the table at dinner.

A single SodaStream reusable bottle can save up to 2,000 single-use plastic bottles from ending up in the environment or landfill.



Herbivore Jade Facial Roller, $55.73 at Revolve

If you’re after a luxe beauty buy that’s sure to impress, without breaking the bank, you should get acquainted with Herbivore.

The stylish and simplistic packaging is not only ‘gramable but also made from predominantly recyclable and reusable material.

Herbivore are also dedicated to ensuring sustainable practices are in place at all levels of their creation process.


Face Halo

Face Halo Original, $30 at Adore Beauty

Makeup wipes may be a skin saviour on nights you’ve had one-too-many-wines and can’t be bothered to wash off your makeup, however, they are anything but when it comes to the environment.

Any beauty lover will appreciate the reusable (just throw them in the wash and they’re good as new) makeup removing cushions made by Face Halo, which last up to the equivalent of 500 makeup wipes.


shopper bag

Straw Shopper, $49.99 at H&M

There’s nothing we love more than a fashionable accessory that’s also functional, cue the shopper bag. Capable of fitting more than just a lippy and your purse, they’re practical and stylish thanks to these chic creations.



Sienna Jumpsuit, $289 at Spell

Byron born label Spell has garnered a cult following for its beautiful and modern bohemian designs.

The whimsical brand also has a big focus on sustainability with 40 per cent of their collection made from sustainable fibres and a 2025 plan comprising of supply chain transparency, further sustainable fibre use and environmentally conscious dye and printing practices.



Experience Gift Pack, prices range at Tinggly

If the pressure of choosing a gift is making you break out in stress-induced hives, take a breath and check out Tinggly.

They offer a range of gift boxes designed on experiences – such as getaways, hot air ballooning, food tastings etc. – and cater to over 100 countries (for those separated from loved ones).

Not only is Tinggly’s packaging made from recycled materials, but from each gift pack purchased the company removes 5kgs (220 plastic bottles) of pollution from our oceans.


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