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The best experience gifts to give the loved ones in your life this Christmas who have absolutely everything

Guaranteed they’ll never forget this present.

By Maddison Hockey
Gift giving is tricky business.
You want a present that shows the recipient you know them well, but that you've put time and thought into finding the perfect gift for them.
Of course, we all have our failsafe go-to like a scented candle or bottle of scotch.
And, while there's nothing wrong with a proven favourite, there's nothing like the warm-and-fuzzies you get when you find the perfect, one-of-a-kind gift that isn't plonked straight on the shelf.
An "experience gift" is one sure fire way to become the favourite family member or friend this Christmas.
Gifting a loved one an activity or adventure translates to a memory they'll never forget, and there's always the added bonus you can join in the fun.
They don't have to be an adrenaline junky or adventure enthusiast to reap the enjoyment of an experience gift, there's something for everyone from massages and classes to getaways and tours.
We've rounded up some of the best options out there to suit every personality.
Feel the rush. (Supplied)
Get them behind the wheel
Know a hot-head behind the wheel who has the need for speed? There's plenty of race and rally car options about that are sure to thrill.
Get sky high. (Supplied)
Hot air ballooning
Searching for a romantic surprise sure to sweep your loved on off their feet? Hot air ballooning is sure to wow.
Fit for a queen. (Supplied)
High tea
Perfect for mum, grandma and your aunty too, make them feel like royalty for a morning with a traditional high tea.
Food envy. (Supplied)
A fancy dining experience
If you've already gifted your favourite foodie every cook book imaginable, why not wine a dine them with a 6 course degustation or wine tasting.
We are drooling. (Supplied)
Learn to cook
We have all but no hope of a sunny vacay to Spain right now, but we will happily settle for learning to cook their cuisine.
Strike a pose. (Channel Ten)
Take to the dancefloor
Whether it's a mover and shaker, someone who is always at the centre of dancefloor or a partner who's always wanted to learn to salsa, dance classes are a fun gift your loved on won't forget.