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The Big O: Why orgasms are better for you than you think

If you needed reason to jump into bed tonight, here's a few...

Keeps Your Blood Flowing

Orgasms increase your circulation, keeping the blood flowing to your genital area and keeping all your tissue healthy.

It’s Cardio

Although it’s not quite the same as going for a run, having an orgasm is a cardiovascular activity. It increase your heart rate, your blood pressure and you respiratory rate. The other good news is that, like running, it releases endorphins, the body’s feel good stuff.

Stress relief

Finding a moment to relax is difficult in a stressful world with so many obligations and deadlines. However, sexual release may also be a stress release. Being sexual also gives us a chance to block out the rest of the world and live in them moment – if we let it. Being sexual requires us to focus on one thing only, which is also part of the secret to achieving orgasm.

Find that healthy glow

The afterglow from sex is almost a cliché, but it may also be a real physical effect. The hormone DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone), which increases dramatically during sexual arousal, also makes your skin healthier.

Foreplay Should Not Be Forgone

The more kissing and fondling you do, the more your blood flow increases, which makes you extra-sensitive. Researchers say it takes 10-20 minutes of stimulation for the average woman to reach her peak sensitivity.

Aids Your Emotional Health

Orgasms are good for your brain and your soul. Having orgasms can increase your emotional confidence and intelligence. Psychologists say just understanding how your body works and reacts to pleasurable feelings can affect the way you see relationships and the decisions you make around them.

A few additional facts:

  • The most amount of orgasms recorded in a single hour is 134.

  • It takes women 20 minutes on average to reach climax, while men can usually orgasm within 2 minutes.

  • The longest recorded orgasm is 43 seconds.

  • The erectile tissue found in both a penis and a clitoris is also found in your nose.

  • Women orgasm longer than men: men – 10-15 seconds; women – 20 seconds.

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