Sam Wood reveals his number one tip for parenting a teenager

Sam has put good parenting down to one act, which he's admitted he's not always the best at!
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If anyone qualifies as a ‘girl dad’ it’s Sam Wood. The Bachelor star who won our hearts, and the heart of now-wife Snezana in 2015, is a doting dad to four girls.

Yes he has four daughters, the eldest – which he is step-father to – being 17-year-old Eve.

When the personal trainer found love with single mum Snezana Markoski on the reality TV show, Sam, Snez and Snez’s daughter Eve quickly became a family of three.

And with that came the responsibility on Sam to step up as a parent, which by all accounts – he exceeds at!

Sam’s step-daughter Eve is 17 years old.

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In a column for 9Honey Sam has written about his experiences with parenting a teenager, giving other parents of young adults a good insight on how they can tackle some of the harder moments of a parent-teen relationship.

“I’m no expert parent – I am learning like everyone else: as I go – but I hope I can share what I’ve learnt and it can help anyone else going through the same thing,” the 42-year-old wrote.

His advice, or hack per say, comes down to one word: listening.

“This is something which, historically, I haven’t done well. I’d fallen into the trap of just telling Eve what I thought she should do.

“I’d been so concerned with the solution that I hadn’t actually seen her point of view. She didn’t need the answer (or my answer!).”

Sam encourages parents to take the time to listen to their teen.

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Listening, which Sam admits, is a hard one in the Wood household, due to the couple having three other daughters who are aged five and under.

In the column he explains how much mayhem there is, “It’s hard for Evie sometimes, as when she wants to talk to us it can be a madhouse – food being thrown on the floor, trying to get everyone fed and down after dinner, not to mention you can barely get a word in!

“So we try to say to Evie, ‘Let’s talk about these things when the little ones have gone to bed’ so she has our full attention.”

The couple welcomed a little girl Willow in 2017, followed by Charlie in July 2019, and yet another girl in May 2022 with Harper Jones.

The Wood family of six is made up of five females!

(Image: Instagram)

Despite Eve not being Sam’s biological daughter, Sam said their bond is thicker than blood.

“I never call myself Eve’s ‘step-dad’. I am Eve’s dad. That’s how I feel. That’s how I act,” he said.

“It was this crazy world which they [Snez and Eve] uprooted everything and came to Melbourne to live with me, but now we’re this family,” he previously told Now To Love.

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