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Sam Wood shares the reality of raising three kids under the age of four

''We were drowning for the first months of Harper's life.''
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Sam Wood has shared a vulnerable insight into life juggling work, parenting and raising four kids in a recent column for 9Honey.

Sam met Snezana and her daughter Eve on The Bachelor in 2015. After winning the season, the couple have quickly become one of the most successful Bachelor romance stories, getting married in 2018 and expanding their brood.

The family welcomed a little girl, Willow in 2017 and introduced their third daughter Charlie in 2019, before welcoming their fourth daughter, Harper, earlier this year.

”It’s hard.”

(IMAGE: Instagram)

Now a family of six, the couple have shared insight into life with three kids under the age of four, whilst also raising a teenager.

”It’s hard,” explained Sam in his column. ”I mean really hard.”

”I get a lot of comments on social media from followers assuming that I’ve totally got it together. And I can tell you we don’t!

”That might be the social media perception as we all love to show the best snippets of our life, but if I’m honest, we were drowning for the first months of Harper’s life.”

”This has made us closer than ever.”

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Sam and Snez have been open about the difficult start to Harper’s life when she was born a month early and spent seven weeks in hospital battling a virus and infections.

During the tough period, Snez herself was also dealing with an infection.

Looking back on the period, Sam admitted that the family’s priorities shifted, explaining that ”excercise and even eating well, were definitely not at the top of our priority list.”

However, the family are finding their feet again with everyone back home.

Sam Wood is a ”girl dad” and LOVES it!

(IMAGE: Instagram)

”I am so thrilled to have a beautiful family of six. And to be honest, this has made us closer than ever,” Sam explained, before revealing how the family were moving forward together.

”It’s about slowly but surely building back structure and routine into our lives,” he shared, before reminding other parents there is no pressure to ”bounce back”.

”Everyone’s family situation is different, everyone’s relationship with pregnancy is different, and everyone’s health is different.”

This article originally appeared in WHO.

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