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Sam and Snezna Wood open up about family’s ADHD journey

''ADHD does make things more difficult''
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Bachelor favourites Sam and Snezna Wood have given fans a rare insight into the inner workings of their young family, revealing that both Snez and daughter Eve, 17, have ADHD.

Since first meeting on season three of The Bachelor way back in 2015, the happily married couple have had three babies together, Willow, 5, Charlie, 3, and six month old Harper who was born earlier this year, as well as being doting parents to Eve, Snez’s daughter from a previous relationship

Sam posted a heartfelt Father’s Day message to his Instagram alongside a loved up family photo!

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The pair said that while having a child with ADHD “does make things more difficult”, life with three kids under five, and a teenager, was always going to come with some chaos.

”Eve having ADHD does make things a lot more difficult when it comes to parenting. All these simple things like looking people in the eye and punctuality are harder for them to do and to keep consistent. And organisation, which makes things very hard,” Snez told 9Honey Parenting.

The neurological disorder, one of the most commonly diagnosed among children, is diagnosed in between one in three and one in four children, whilst around 2.5 percent of adults live with the condition.

In women and girls, ADHD commonly presents more as inattentiveness, meaning they’re more likely to be disorganised, forgetful, feel ‘scattered’ and become easily distracted.

Sam and Snez share Willow, 5, Charlie, 3, and six month old Harper who was born earlier this year, as well as Eve, 17, Snez’s daughter from a previous relationship.

(Credit: Instagram)

Snez admitted that she often lost track of time easily, isn’t good with punctuality and often found herself jumping from “one thing to another”. Her own ADHD diagnosis gave her a unique advantage when it came to supporting her daughter Eve.

”I think [ADHD] gives parenting that extra bit of difficulty but you just need to understand what they [your child] are going through and understand that their mind works differently,” Snez shared.

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Sam said that Snez handled her ADHD with grace and that she worked on herself every day.

“I think that the fact that Snez has ADHD as well is good from an empathy perspective but I don’t think Snez has ever figured out how to deal with it that well and my fear is that Eve will head back down the same path and the two of them would be running around like headless chooks for the rest of their lives,” Sam noted.

Often, Sam admitted, the house is ”rather crazy” but fun is always had.

”Snez’s sister is her best friend and you can already see that our girls have that exact same relationship, they are all going to be besties for life for sure!”

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