EXCLUSIVE: Matty J reveals the surprising shows he and fiancée Laura Byrne have their sights set on

''Something that would give me a huge amount of street cred in the park with the kids.''
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Matty ‘J’ Johnson and Laura Byrne will go down as one of the most beloved couples to come out of The Bachelor franchise, but their days on television certainly aren’t over.

While Matty has enjoyed regular TV appearances on Studio 10 and The Living Room, Matty J reveals exsluviely to Now To Love that there’s two surprising shows he’s set his sights on next.

“The dream for me would be getting a guest appearance on Bluey or The Wiggles – something that would give me a huge amount of street cred in the park with the kids,” the father-of-two laughs.

Laura would love to compete on Survivor while Matty wants to try his hand on Bluey or The Wiggles.

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While Laura is busy juggling motherhood and her career, she isn’t quite done with reality TV just yet!

“Laura is absolutely flat out running her jewellery business, ToniMay, as well as her podcast and radio show, Life Uncut, which she hosts with Britt, so she doesn’t have a spare second to scratch herself,” Matty says.

“But she’s always wanted to do Survivor and she was seriously considering doing the next season, but it was just too hard to make with everything she has going on.”

And it seems television appearances could run in the family in the very distant future.

Matty says he and Laura are open to having more kids.

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Matty would have no hesitation in letting his and Laura’s two daughters, Marlie-Mae, three, and Lola, one, go on reality TV.

“It wouldn’t be very fair of me to say no considering I’ve found love, stripped naked and pirouetted on reality tv shows. No matter what they decide to throw themselves into, I’d support them 100 per cent,” he says.

While Matty and Laura, who fell in love on The Bachelor in 2017, haven’t ruled out the possibility of having more kids, they’re in absolutely no rush.

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“We’re trying to wean Lola off her night time bottle – she’s an absolute grizzle guts. So at the moment we’re feeling a little exhausted after a few very rough nights, which makes the idea of adding a third into the mix a little daunting,” he admits.

“We’ve always said we wanted three, but I think we’re happy to wait a little longer and have a second to catch our breath before kids totally take over and we have to buy a people mover.

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