From The Bachelor to babies: Matty J and Laura Byrne's love story is anything but ordinary

We take a look back at their road to romance.

By Alex Lilly
Ever since Georgia Love broke his heart in that brutal 2016 Bachelorette finale, the nation has been desperate for Matty "J" Johnson to find his one true love. And just a year later, he did!
When jewellery designer Laura Byrne walked into the Bachelor mansion, she said that if the experience ended up as her love story it would be a "fun and hilariously beautiful way to meet someone," and who would've thought they would find that love story.
Speaking to NW when he'd narrowed his choices to six girls, Matty said, "The chemistry Laura and I have, it hits me every time we're together. When I'm with her it feels so natural and I never want our dates to end. I knew she could be right for me the day after our first date – I simply couldn't fault it."
The gorgeous Sydney couple are not only engaged, but they're now parents to beautiful daughters Marlie-Mae Johnson, who turns two in June, and seven-week-old Lola.
Next on the agenda? Finally tying the knot.
"I was planning but then Dancing With The Stars started and that's kind of taken [over]..." Matty recently revealed on Laura's Instagram, before Laura jokingly interrupted from behind the camera to say, "No then you had a newborn child."
"And then we had a baby," Matty confirmed.
But Bachie fans won't have to wait long as the 2017 Bachelor then added: "It will happen before the end of the year, promise."