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Just got married! Here’s what we know about Matty J and Laura Byrne’s big day

Everything you need to know about their big day!
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They’re The Bachelor’s golden couple, and they have now officially tied the knot! Matty J and Laura said ‘I do’ on Friday, November 11th 2022, after multiple COVID-related delays, surrounded by their family, friends and guest of honour, their beloved three-legged dog Buster.

The pair took to Instagram to announce the happy news, sharing a photo of them walking down the aisle, as “Mr and Mrs Johnson”, under a canopy of flower petals.

Laura and Matty J, dressed by Kyha Studios and MJ Bale respectively, included a second photo in their Instagram post featuring their daughters Marlie-Mae and Lola wearing matching white dresses from Princess Boutique.

In celebration of this special occasion, we take a look back at their rollercoaster journey to the alter.

We have a feeling Laura’s wedding ensemble will be a little more glamorous than this.

(Image: Instagram)

From the engagement to the pandemic…the lead up to the big day!

When it comes to walking down the aisle Matty J and Laura Byrne have hit more roadblocks than any other couple from the show.

It’s not because they’re on and off or because of salacious gossip, as this dynamic and quirky duo have remained steady and supportive of one another from the get-go.

Rather, it was a few life events – including two babies and a global pandemic – that put things on hold.

Matty popped the question to Laura in 2019 during their Fiji babymoon while Laura was pregnant with their eldest daughter Marlie Mae and the couple are yet to officially become husband and wife.

Now, more than two years later, the wedding is set for November this year and we can’t wait!

To satisfy any curiosity, here is everything we know about the Bachelor lovebirds’ upcoming nuptials.

When were Matty J and Laura Byrne meant to have their wedding?

In March 2021, Matty told The Wedding Digest podcast that they had planned to get married in 2020, but COVID got in the way.

“I’m going to say it’s down to the fact that I’m very unorganised that we didn’t, but it kind of worked out in our favour though, because if we had planned to get married this year, then those plans would have been absolutely obliterated because of COVID,” he revealed.

However, a global pandemic wasn’t the only reason their original wedding was pushed back.

The former Bachelor explained that juggling work and parenting meant the wedding planning was “pushed to the bottom of the to-do list.”

The couple, who are now parents to Marlie-Mae and Lola, met on The Bachelor in 2017.

(Image: Instagram)

What (apart from COVID) got in the way of their plans?

During an Instagram Q&A in 2021, Laura was asked a series of questions about their upcoming nuptials, and when asked for their date, she responded by turning her camera on Matty.

“I was planning [the wedding] but then Dancing With The Stars started and that’s kind of taken…” Matty started, before Laura jokingly interrupted from behind the camera to say, “No then you had a newborn child.”

“And then we had a baby,” Matty confirmed.

However the couple assured fans wouldn’t have to wait long as the 2017 Bachelor added: “It will happen before the end of the year, promise.”

Turns out they, once again, spoke too soon.

WATCH: Matty J’s baby daughter achieves new milestone. Story continues after video.

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When were Laura Byrne and Matty J meant to wed in 2021?

In early November 2021, Laura shared a picture of her engagement ring on her Instagram stories after she accidentally lost it.

Thankfully the sparkler turned up again in their house and after finding it Laura revealed that her and Matty’s wedding was meant to happen on November 12, but Covid had once again ruined their plans.

“For everyone asking, it was down the side of the couch. We were supposed to be getting married on Friday, but had to postpone because of that b*tch Covid,” she shared.

Disappointment hit the couple, once again, in November 2021.

(Image: Instagram)

What plans do Laura Byrne and Matty J have for their wedding?

The couple revealed on Instagram that they entrusted the preparation to a wedding planner because of their busy schedules.

“We’ve just got ourselves a wonderful wedding planner @kashayaco because we have zero time… but we are getting married at the end of this year. At least Matt now has the wedding dance in the bag.” wrote Laura alongside a video.

In May 2021, Laura told Who Magazine that while there was still a lot of work to be done, they had found a venue.

“We’ve booked in a venue, we’ve done nothing else because being parents to a newborn has kept us super-busy,” she said.

The wedding is set for November 2022.

(Image: Instagram)

Despite some planning blips like sending email invites with the default options from the website still visible, the couple seemed like they would finally get their big day.

Matty had even gushed to Who about his grand plans for an intimate wedding waltz, which he will take as seriously as he took DWTS.

“I’m treating the wedding dance as serious as I was for the competition of Dancing With The Stars,” he said.

“I cannot wait to put together the choreography together for the wedding dance.”

As for Laura, she started her bridal skincare journey in February 2022, revealing on her Instagram stories that she wants to feel amazing in her own skin on her wedding day.

WATCH: Laura Byrne shares a subtle update on her wedding plans. Story continues after video.

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“Back when I was pregnant with Marlie and Lola I had pretty bad melasma,” she explained, referring to a common skin pigmentation condition that occurs during pregnancy.

“This was honestly the best facial I have ever had. This wasn’t a pretty, hydrating facial, it was quite prickly.

“You just want your skin to look good when it’s your wedding!”

She showed off her clear complexion and we can’t wait to see how her bridal preparation continues in the leadup to the big day.

What’s the dress like?

She said yes to the dress!

(Image: Instagram)

Could one of these be Laura’s gowns?

(Image: Instagram)

With the countdown to the wedding well and truly on, bride-to-be Laura has officially bought her dress.

Taking to Instagram in June, the season five Bachelor winner shared a series of images revealing that she’d bought her dress from Khya Studios in Melbourne – the same designer behind her 2018 TV WEEK Logie Awards dress – along with her mum, sister and one of her best girlfriends.

Though she didn’t reveal too much about the dress, she did give fans a hint on her and Brittany Hockley’s Life Uncut podcast.

“It’s very different to what I thought I would wear, in fact it is the complete opposite to what I thought I would wear,” she admitted.

What’s more, her co-host said she looked like a Victoria’s Secret model in her gown so we’re imagining something similar to the above photo…

Seems these two have said their vows.

(Image: Instagram)

Have Laura and Matt tied the knot?

The couple has been dropping hints about their wedding all year, and now we have been given the biggest clue of all.

Laura posted a picture of her and Matt at their villa in Bali, and she blatantly wrote, “Just two kids who are most definitely not getting married in Bali.”

As if her caption wasn’t blatant enough, their friends made it even more obvious in her comments section.

Brittany Hockley wrote, “YOU MEAN I CAME HERE FOR NOTHING!?

Sam Wood shared, “Best wedding ever guys. Can’t believe you kept it a secret 👏👏👏,” and host Mitch Churi commented, “I paid 2 million rupiah to have a suit made from Indonesian linen. Please tell me you’re kidding.”

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