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Laura Byrne has left Matty J in charge of their wedding plans, and he’s spilling on all the details

From budgets to dream destinations.
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Ever since Bachelor Matty J popped the question to the girl who stole his heart on the show, Laura Byrne, while on their babymoon in Fiji, fans have eagerly been awaiting their big day.

And, waiting some more.

Now, with the coronavirus wreaking havoc on all things weddings, it seems almost unimaginable we’d see the couple tie the knot anytime soon.

Chatting to The Wedding Digest podcast, Matty J admits his nuptials may still be a while off, but it wasn’t COVID that forced the delay.

“We originally thought we were going to get married this year,” Matty explained.

“I’m going to say it’s down to the fact that I’m very unorganized that we didn’t, but it kind of worked out in our favour though, because if we had planned to get married this year, then those plans would have been absolutely obliterated because of COVID.”

Matty J popped the question while on holiday with Laura.


Having welcomed their daughter Marlie-Mae in June last year, Matty said wedding plans just fell by the wayside.

“Having a little baby in the mix, it’s shifted our priorities,” he said.

“Trying to juggle being a Dad to Marlie-Mae and also trying to work as well, it just meant that anything that was non-critical, i.e the wedding just got pushed to the bottom of the to do list.”

With Marlie-Mae now in the picture, we’re rest assured the adorable bub will play a pivotal role in the wedding.

“I think she’ll be old enough to be able to take on the responsibility of being flower girl. I’m going to be a blubbering mess. I get a little bit emotional.”

We’d put our plans on hold to stare at the adorable face any day!


As for actual plans, it seems most of the hard work will be on Matty J’s shoulders.

“I used to work in events before The Bachelor. So I was like, ‘Babe, don’t worry. I’ve got this!’

“This is what I do. I’ve got all the templates, spreadsheets, budgets, all ready to go.”

Matty J has taken on most of the planning.


Now much more settled with Marlie-Mae, he says planning is back on track with a date set for the end of 2021.

The couple have spent the past week in Byron Bay and planned to visit several potential wedding venues while there.

“The things that we definitely wanted was to have a beach feel and not necessarily like on the sand, but just close to the beach.”

But they’re also keeping their plans in perspective, preferring to spend their money on more than just the wedding.

“I like to keep a pretty strong hold of the budget. At the moment we’re looking between $40,000 to $60,000,” he revealed.

“We were looking at some venues that you had to bring in a marquee structure, and then all of a sudden the costs were blowing out to $70,000 and we would rather spend that kind of money going towards our first home, as opposed to throwing it away on just one night.”

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