Laura Byrne’s relatable mum moment! The Bachelor star admits she was so hungover she hired a babysitter for the next day

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Being a new mum can be a big adjustment. Gone are the days where you have to care solely for yourself, now you have a tiny, wonderful, human you’re responsible for.

It also means hungover days in bed, barely capable of caring for yourself, are far and few between.

Ex Bachelor star, Laura Byrne, knows the struggle all too well. Appearing on her fiance Matty J’s podcast, The Babble, the couple were discussing habits they had developed as new parents to Marlie-Mae, when Matt brought up a big night out Laura recently had.

“You had a couple of big nights after you stopped breastfeeding,” Matty J said in a sudden change of topic.

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The comment caught Laura off-guard, who seemingly didn’t want to divulge on her hungover parenting hack (or so we’d like to call it).

But, we’re so glad she went along with it!

“Oh, I didn’t know this was going to be a topic of conversation, but sure I did,” she responded.

“I’m not proud of this, I don’t think we should be talking about it. But…I had a very big Christmas party this year, we have a pretty small team but my sister also has a baby and she doesn’t get out much and I don’t get out much so the two bosses just ripped wild,” the jewellery designer, who runs the successful brand Toni May with her sister, explained.

Honestly, who hasn’t gotten a little too wild at a work Christmas party? We can relate.

Laura, Matty and Marlie-Mae make the cutest family.

(Credit: Instagram / @ladyandacat)

Laura went on to describe just how crazy her night got, at one stage even running into fellow Bachelor star The Honey Badger before ordering “14 fireball shots.”

This sounds like the kind of party we could get on board with, but as Laura revealed, it also resulted in a severe hangover the following morning.

“We made our staff stay out until we got kicked out of the casino then I had to hire a babysitter because I couldn’t get out of bed the next day,” she confessed.

“So I stayed in bed while the babysitter took care of Marlie.”

All we can say is thank you Laura, we can now feel slightly less mum-guilt and have a backup plan for the next celebration.

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