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EXCLUSIVE: Matty J and Laura Byrne have a wedding date

The groom-to-be also shared their plans to expand their family.

By Anita Lyons
There's never been any denying that Matty J Johnson and Laura Byrne are the darlings of Aussie reality TV. And now the plan to make it official and get hitched
First meeting on The Bachelor and now parents to three-month-old Marie-Mae, the couple have been talking "wedding", the groom-to-be has revealed.
In an exclusive interview with Matty J at the Colgate Optic White Stakes Day, the father-of-one let slip just how soon their wedding will be and also another gorgeous morsel - their plans to have baby number two.
"The wedding will be next year," Matty said. "I think it's probably going to be spring next year."
"We're still deciding whether or not it will be in the Central Coast or the South Coast or Byron Bay," Matty said. "We can't decide."
Even though the former Bachelor knows that "all the good venues get booked out early", the 32-year-old and his fiancee have put wedding plans on the back-burner as they adjust to life with their beautiful daughter.
"We've just been so busy that we've neglected to organise a venue - so it's the number one thing to do on my list," he said. "As of next week, I'm getting stuck into the planning of the wedding."
Matty J Johnson, Laura Byrne and Marlie-Mae Johnson. (Source: Instagram/MatthewDavidJohnson)
Matty, who always wanted to be a dad, also revealed baby plans for number two - and it looks like Marlie-Mae won't have to wait too long for a sibling.
"As soon as the wedding is finished, we're going to have a second baby!" Matt admitted.
When it comes to babies, Matt has made no secret of being clucky as far back as when he appeared on the Network Ten show that made him famous.
But, did he and Laura think they'd have children so quickly?
"I did, Laura didn't," he revealed.
"I was itching to have a child and a couple of months in with Laura, I was like hey, let's do it. It was like 'come on, let's get this show on the road!'"
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Matt absolutely loves being a dad and says it has changed him in more than a few ways.
"I think it has made me more emotional," he admitted. "It's made me value and appreciate Laura so much more than I ever have before."
"She's such an amazing mum and I didn't think I would be able to love her more than I do. But seeing how incredible she is with our daughter it definitely makes me love her even more."
Daddy and Marlie-Mae. (Source: Instagram/Matthew David Johnson)
To mark the beginning of the Australian Spring Carnival calendar, Matty J suited up for the Colgate Optic White Stakes Day as a Colgate Optic White Smile Squad ambassador - however, Laura stayed at home with bub.
"I've been given a strict curfew for today," Matty J admitted. "I tried to bring Laura with me but Marlie-Mae is just a little too young at three months, so it's a little bit too soon to have mum and bub separated.
"I have to be home for dinner. That's my strict instructions," he said.