From roses to nappy duty, Laura Byrne and Matty J are a lovable family of four and one of The Bachelor's best success stories

They're a family that don't take themselves too seriously.

By Faye Couros
Out of all The Bachelor couples to have won the series, Matty J and Laura Byrne still seem to be everything the show promises and more.
Since leaving the show they have famously swapped roses, stilettos, and cocktails for nappies, toys in the living room, dirty bibs, and more love than ever.
In 2019 the couple welcomed their first daughter, Marlie-Mae, after becoming engaged on their babymoon two months prior.
Now, Marlie has grown up into a playful, energy-filled, and very cute toddler.
Then in February 2021, the proud parents doubled their love when Laura gave birth to their second daughter, Lola.
Of course, it's been no easy feat going from a family of two, to three, then to four, but in a Q&A on her Instagram, Laura revealed how she juggles motherhood and work life.
"With help," revealed Laura. "Marlie is in daycare a couple of days a week, and Matt is really hands-on, we parent 50/50 and mutually respect each other's careers,' she explained.
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"Lola comes to work with me when I'm in the office, and Matt has her when Brittany and I podcast, we just make it work.
"It isn't always pretty, and we don't always nail it, but it's worth it."
Laura and Matty J make for a great team, and there's no denying that the girls are the spitting image of their mumma.
Take some time to enjoy the adorable family of four with our gallery of their most precious, hilarious, and cute moments together.