They’ve faced divorce and family tragedy but Lisa Curry and Grant Kenny will always be in each other’s lives

Their relationship has shifted dramatically over the years.
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They were Australia’s athletic golden couple from the ’80s all the way into the ’00s, but Grant Kenny and Lisa Curry’s marriage wasn’t made to last.

Despite splitting in 2009 and officially divorcing almost a decade later in 2017, the pair have managed to remain amicable and even become friendly in recent years.

But it was tragedy that truly brought them back together when their beloved daughter Jaimi Lee Kenny died in 2020 from an unspecified illness.

The heartbreak bonded the Curry and Kenny families in ways few can understand, but how did they get to this place of kindness, respect and a newfound love?

Dive deep into Grant Kenny and Lisa Curry’s ever-changing relationship, from marriage to bereavement and new hope.

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Sporting super-couple

In the 1980s Lisa was already a champion swimmer, having represented Australia at the Commonwealth Games and the Olympics.

Her talent in the pool was probably only rivalled by her beauty, with captivating eyes and long blonde hair.

So when she crossed paths with decorated Iron Man Grant Kenny, it’s no wonder he fell head over heels for her.

Lisa and Grant in a photo from the 1990s with daughter Morgan.

(Image: Instagram)

The couple’s romance progressed and they were married in 1986, the same year Grant was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia for his service to sport.

Lisa received her own OAM in 1994, the same year she and Grant welcomed their youngest child and only son Jett Kenny.

He had followed the couple’s two beautiful daughters Jaimi Lee Kenny, born in 1987, and Morgan Gruell, born in 1991.

Marriage breakdown

For over two decades Lisa and Grant appeared to be the picture of marital bliss, but behind the scenes the couple were struggling for years.

Lisa’s moods were often volatile, she confessed after their split, something that put incredible tension on their marriage.

“I was being an absolute b–ch, a cow, angry and irritable for no reason,” she said in a 2014 interview with A Current Affair.

“He [Grant] wasn’t actually doing anything wrong, I just couldn’t control it. It created a lot of tension for us for a lot of years.”

Lisa with the couple’s three children in the late ’90s, before her marriage to Grant broke down.

(Image: Instagram)

At the time doctors diagnosed her with depression, but Lisa claimed she was misdiagnosed and had actually been dealing with a hormone imbalance called ‘Rushing Woman’s Syndrome’ that had affected her moods.

Doctors and experts questioned the claims, revealing that no such syndrome is recognised in Australia. Lisa and Grant didn’t address the criticism.

“I had days where I felt completely out of control. I was moody, I would cry for no reason, I wanted to kill the world,” she said of that period.

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Her condition took a toll on Grant, Lisa confessing that she was “sorry” he had to put up with her temperamental behaviour for so long before they decided to part ways.

The couple officially separated in 2009, releasing a public statement that read: “This has been difficult for both of us and the children and we ask that people respect our privacy at this time. We will not be making any further comments.”

Co-parenting three kids

The couple’s kids were already in their teens and twenties when Lisa and Grant split, but they still made sure the separation was as easy on Jaimi, Morgan and Jett as possible.

Having experienced firsthand what it’s like to have an absent parent, Lisa knew that it was important for Grant to remain an active player in the kids’ lives.

“My dad didn’t see a lot of my career firsthand, to me at the time it didn’t really bother me too much,” she told Now To Love in 2020.

Grant has remained a huge part of his kids’ lives even into adulthood.

(Image: Instagram)

“But, when you look back at it, you think, ‘Oh gee, it would have been nice for him to share in those successes.”

That experience had a huge impact on her relationship with Grant after their split, as Lisa never wanted their children to live in a world where their dad wasn’t around.

“I think because of that though, Grant and I as parents, we always said we will always be there for all our kids, for everything that they do,” she explained.

“Every success, every failure, every try, everything it didn’t matter. Just being there and being proud is really important as parents.”

While the couple kept their distance publicly, they were always there for their kids and made sure to stay amicable for Jaimi, Morgan and Jett’s sakes.

Long road to divorce

Lisa and Grant didn’t make their divorce official until 2017 and remain on good terms.

(Image: Instagram)

Though Grant and Lisa called it quits in 2009, they didn’t officially divorce until eight years later in 2017.

Whilst Lisa struck up a romance with Elvis impersonator Mark Tabone after meeting in 2015, Grant fathered daughter Beatrix “Trixie” Belle Box with radio host Fifi Box in 2014, though they kept her parentage secret for some time.

He has kept his relationship with Trixie very private, though told Woman’s Day he was “very happy” to be a father again. Grant has not settled down with anyone else since.

Despite moving on from their marriage, the former couple appeared to be in no rush to make their divorce official – that is, until Lisa and Mark decided to get married.

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“I’ve got to find a dress; I’ve got to get a date; I’ve got to get a f–king divorce,” Lisa revealed during her 2017 stint on I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here!

The divorce was finalised later that year, with Lisa explaining to News Corp: “Grant has just been busy, it’s been nearly nine years, I’ve been trying to get it done for a while.

“Mark and I can actually go and start looking at a date because we weren’t looking at anything until it [divorce] happened.”

The pair said “I do” in the Sunshine Coast hinterland in 2018, Lisa telling her new husband he “makes [her] heart sing”, as reported by The Australian Women’s Weekly.

“He cares about me, he listens to my stories, even if I tell them to him three times. He laughs at my jokes and fixes anything and everything.”

Lisa found new love with Elvis impersonator husband Mark Tabone.

(Image: Instagram)

United in grief

Tragically, Grant and Lisa were brought closer than they had been in years in 2020 when their eldest daughter Jaimi died.

On September 13, the 33-year-old lost her battle with a long-term illness that the family chose to keep largely private, though she had struggled with addiction and eating disorders in the past.

“It is with a very heavy heart that Lisa and I confirm that our beautiful daughter Jaimi has lost her battle with a long-term illness and passed away peacefully in hospital this morning in the company of loving family,” Grant said in a statement on behalf of his family.

“Jaimi will forever be remembered as a caring, bright and loving soul who always put others before herself.”

Lisa and Grant lost their eldest daughter Jaimi in 2020.

(Image: Instagram)

The tragedy rocked Lisa and Grant, who were forced to endure every parent’s worst nightmare of losing a child.

“Grant and I feel broken. I’ve lost myself. But each day I try to continue on, one step at a time to get things done, to continue being a mother, a grannie, a wife, a friend, a business owner,” Lisa said at the time.

United in their grief, Lisa and Grant came together to support their two other children, Jett and Morgan, and each other through Jaimi’s loss.

Lisa shared a tribute to Grant for his birthday.

(Image: Instagram)

Since, the former couple have grown closer and spend more time together as a blended family, often meeting up to remember Jaimi’s beautiful life and celebrate their grandchildren.

For Grant’s 60th birthday, Lisa shared a heart-warming message to her ex-husband along with a collection of photos which featured their young late-daughter (above).

“Happy 60th Birthday to my Grant”.

“Everybody’s mate, great father, friend and pa. Have a great day x”.

Despite the heartache in their past, Lisa and Grant are touching proof that former spouses can remain respectful and amicable for the sake of their families.

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