Lisa Curry, Grant Kenny, and Fifi Box's family tree may look complicated, but upon inspection, it's all love

''We always said we will always be there.''

By Faye Couros
People from blended families know that explaining your family tree can be comically complicated at times, but love is there at the end of the day.
The United States of America have the Kardashians, but here in Australia, we have the Curry, Kenny, and Box clan, although that is where their connection to the reality television family ends.
This athletic family tree began when sporting legends Lisa Curry and Grant Kenny got married in 1986.
A few years later, the Olympic swimmer and Ironman welcomed their daughters Jaimi Lee, Morgan Gruell, and their son Jett Kenny.
For decades Lisa and Grant were Australia's golden couple until they shocked the nation by separating in May 2009.
Lisa with her family for Christmas 2021. (Image: Instagram)
While we were never privy to the nitty-gritty of their relationship breakdown, we know it was a journey to finalise their departure from each other because they didn't sign their divorce papers until 2017.
Lisa told Now To Love in 2020 that their biggest goal was to create a harmonious co-parenting situation for the sake of their children.
"Grant and I as parents, we always said we will always be there for all our kids, for everything that they do," she explained.
"Every success, every failure, every try, everything, it didn't matter. Just being there and being proud is really important as parents."
Lisa broke down on I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here when she revealed that she couldn't marry her new partner Mark Tabone because she was still married to Grant, but after meeting in 2015, they were able to wed three years later on the Sunshine Coast and in Malta.
"We thought it would be fun to take our wedding outfits on our honeymoon, so we could get some really unusual and fun wedding photos," the 60-year-old told 9Honey in 2020.
Lisa continued: "We had photos taken in amazing places including at The Taj Mahal, on the suburban streets of India, at the pyramids in Egypt, on the sand dunes and at the gorgeous hotel in the desert, 200kms from Abu Dhabi on the edge of The Empty Quarter, and in Gozo, Malta where Mark spent his teenage years."
Grant, 58, has yet to settle down again, but he and TV and radio personality Fifi Box share daughter, Trixie, who was born in 2014.
The unexpected couple kept Trixie's parentage a secret for a while until the radio host finally shared a picture of them together to confirm the news.
Fifi Box with her two gorgeous daughters. (Image: Instagram)
Grant hasn't spoken too much about their relationship, but in 2014 he told Woman's Day, "I'm very happy" about becoming a father again.
Fifi has since given Trixie a sister called Daisy, who was welcomed via IVF.
Of course, the three children Grant shares with his first wife are all adults now, and Morgan even has a family of her own.
The 31-year-old met her husband, Ryan, who hails from Mooloolaba on the Sunshine Coast, but their relationship was long distance for a few years while Morgan danced for the Moulin Rouge in Paris.
They eventually wed in 2016, and she revealed on her Instagram alongside a shot of her holding hands with Ryan at the altar, "It was a beautiful day to marry the man of my dreams."
In December 2018, they welcomed their first son, Flynn, and then in November 2020, their second son, Taj soon after, and finally their third son, Kit in 2022.
WATCH: Morgan Gruell shares a clip from sister Jaimi's birthday. Story continues after video.
Jett, 27, was an Ironman like his dad, but he expanded into modelling and reality television to carve his own path.
Although he loves his family, he revealed on SAS Australia that he finds it difficult grappling with his famous last name and the less positive impact it has on his life.
"I remember being on the back page of the newspaper as an under-11 Nipper, and I was crying as I was walking up the beach," he said.
"I guess I just didn't understand the warrant of having my last name associated with me. People have always seen me as something else. I've always been a Kenny and never just Jett."
"Grant and I feel broken. I've lost myself." (Image: Instagram)
On September 14, 2020, the family was struck by incredibly devastating tragedy when Jaimi Lee passed away at 33, following an ongoing health struggle.
Lisa shared tributes dedicated to her as much as possible, and on Instagram, she spoke about the "gut-wrenching, heartbreaking moment" when they all had to say goodbye.
"Grant and I feel broken. I've lost myself. But each day I try to continue on, one step at a time to get things done, to continue being a mother, a grannie, a wife, a friend, a business owner … at times distracting myself so much that I can't think of anything," she penned.
"But then the quiet times come, and everything comes flooding back, every feeling, every memory and I feel like I'm drowning in the pain.
WATCH: Jett Kenny breaks down over sister Jaimi's death. Story continues after video.
Earlier this year, Jett opened up on SAS about not being "a good enough brother" to Jaimi when she was alive.
"We did everything we could as a family — and for Jaimi— to try and bring her out of it, but unfortunately, that wasn't the case," he said in between tears.
But the family have found ways to come together even in the pain of Jaimi's passing, sharing regular tributes to their beloved sister and daughter online.
"It's been 17 months today we lost our beautiful Jaimi and here's a whole lot of love for her wherever she is, and a whole lot of love to the people she loved the most," Lisa wrote in February 2022.
There is no doubt that family life can be complicated. After all, they're some of the most intense bonds we forge in our lives, so let's take a look inside the world of the Kennys, Currys, Gruells, and Boxes.