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Baby news! Lisa Curry is expecting her third grandchild, and they already have a special connection

''Crazy grannie to the rescue.''
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Lisa Curry and her family have been blessed with the most heartwarming news after her daughter Morgan Gruell announced she is expecting her third baby.

Morgan, who shares her sons Flynn, three, and Taj, one with husband Ryan, posted a picture of her sonogram and of her growing bump on her Instagram.

“Life is crazy – we might as well stay in the crazy!” she captioned the special news.

She also revealed the exciting due date for her baby.

“Baby #3 due end of May!” she shared.

It’s too perfect to be true as proud grannie Lisa’s birthday falls on May 15, so these two will have the rare gift of a shared birthday month, and if luck is to strike, a shared birthday.

A besotted Lisa shared her glee in Morgan’s comment section, offering her support in the process.

“My beautiful baby girl 😍😍 So happy for you and you’re a beautiful family. Crazy grannie to the rescue when you need xxx,” she shared.

The secret message behind this picture wasn’t picked up on by fans.

(Credit: Instagram)

Of course, a slew of fans and friends filled up Morgan’s Instagram with congratulatory messages.

One wrote, “Wow! Wonderful news. Congratulations to the whole family. ❤️❤️❤️,” and another commented, “Congratulations I had a hunch you may be you just had that glow in your birthday photo 🙌 way to go 🥰.”

As if the news couldn’t be sweeter, Morgan had just rung in her 31st birthday a few days ago, and perhaps fans should have noticed a tiny detail that hinted at a pregnancy.

She posted a slew of pictures from her celebrations on her Instagram, but in one image, her childhood sweetheart turned husband had his hand over Morgan’s belly, and she rested hers over his.

“Baby #3 due end of May!”

(Credit: Instagram)

Fans shared their birthday wishes by posting, “Big Happy Birthday beautiful! Sending lots of love your way! ❤️.”

Lisa herself commented, “gorgeous little family… I love you all so much xxxx,” but fans were none the wiser that more news was on the way.

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