Lauren Brant’s hilariously relatable marriage confession will have you nodding in agreement!

This is too real!
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They met in the South African jungle on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! in 2015, and now AFL great Barry Hall and ­former Hi-5 children’s entertainer Lauren Brant are living a wonderful life of marital bliss with their son Miller, and another baby on the way.

But as all married couples know, marriage isn’t always a walk in the park and sometimes your partner can really grate on your nerves, especially if you’re both completely different people.

Now the gorgeous mum-to-be has opened up about what her relationship is really like – and how much her and Barry’s idea of an ideal date night varies completely!

“My idea of a date night? Take a stroll, hand in hand, connect on a cosmic level – make up for 1 month of limited quality time in 1 hour, talk about everything and anything, fall in love all over again 💙” the 30-year-old wrote on Instagram.

“Barry’s idea of a date night? Go watch a movie (any movie just as long as he can order the junk food), in gold class so he is comfortable in his single chair and doesn’t have to touch me, order almost every item from the confectionery bar, make jokes about the movie after, give me a kiss on the head when we get home, pop his headphones in and watch UFC! WTAF! How are we SO different 😂😂😂” she joked.

Her honesty is seriously so relatable – we can hear millions of women around the country nodding their heads in agreement!

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We love her honesty!


The cute couple got together in 2015 and now have one (and a half!) children.


Honesty comes naturally to Lauren and it’s why her fans love her so much.

She’s also been totally open about her pregnancy journey and how difficult she often found the changes her body was experiencing.

When she was pregnant with Miller, Lauren said she wasn’t exactly enjoying the experience, as she was suffering from severe morning sickness and was throwing up every day for three months.

“I had water retention and swollen breasts straightaway, but no bump. I couldn’t understand why the rest of my body was showing signs of pregnancy but not the area that was ‘supposed’ to,” she told Pregnancy Life and Style in 2017.

“This is my first child, so there were so many unexpected symptoms that I had to keep searching for online to see if they were pregnancy related, in addition to the things most women experience.”

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But the then-28-year-old said she tried to just push through and think about the little bundle of joy waiting for her on the other side.

“You just have to deal with it because it’s all going to be so worth it,” she said.

“I know I am growing a little baby inside who I will get to hold in my arms at the end.”

WATCH BELOW: Inside Lauren Brant and Barry Hall’s parenthood journey. Story continues after post.

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The children’s wear designer – she has her own range of cute dresses called loloboli – has been active on social media during her second pregnancy in the most awesome way – with a very revealing photoshoot.

She had a full-blown Beyoncé moment and posed nude, with just a flower crown and a string of gorgeous roses covering her body.

Lauren revealed the message behind the photoshoot, which was to celebrate the arrival of new life, in the form of her gorgeous new baby.

“A flower symbolises the purity, beauty and simple yet complex creation of a new life in bloom,” she wrote on Instagram

“Although every single flower is different, they are all perfect. They are entirely innocent, effortlessly beautiful and bring so much joy.

“I also wanted to represent how strong, confident and amazing women are in our journey of growing & birthing life.”

We can’t wait for Lauren and Barry’s baby to arrive!

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