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“My son loves me for exactly who I am...” 5 things Lauren Brant has taught us about motherhood

Lauren gave birth to baby Miller in May.

By Danielle Sen
Fact: Lauren Brant is just like all new mums: nestled in a bubble of loved-up bliss comparable to nothing else… oh, and running on, well, next to no sleep.
But, as the 28-year-old media personality explains, while no shut-eye and the sometimes-struggle to strike a balance between caring for her beautiful baby boy, Miller, and herself, she wouldn't have life any other way.
This must have something to do with the former Hi-5 performer's mental shift since giving birth to Miller – something she opened up to Mother & Baby exclusively about.
"My overall outcome is just to remain positive, and so far I've had a wonderful experience," she says.
Here, Lauren fill us in on how she and ex-AFL star Barry Hall navigate the rocky, yet rewarding parenthood terrain, and simultaneously teaches us a couple of important new-mum lessons along the way.

Prepare yourself for post-birth pain

"I was surprised at how much pain there was for the next few days and weeks. Everyone puts emphasis on the pregnancy and labour, but no-one really talks about post-birth pain."
Miller looks just like his dad, Barry!

Take care of your body at ALL costs

"My body felt like it had run an ultra marathon after I gave birth. I felt so weak and then after that time passed, I did a six-week post-natal course with a specialised trainer. Showing that respect to my body really paid off because now I feel strong, fit and healthy again."
Lauren says Barry is a very "hands-on", supportive father.

Lean on those you love for support

"I'm lucky that Barry isn't at work from nine-to-five every day, so he's around a lot and there's not thing he's deterred from, such as changing nappies, poo spills or vomit!"
Summer vibes.

Rewire your mentality from the get-go

"Miller is seven months old now, but it feels like I only had him the other day. It is a big thing, but I didn't let it overwhelm me. Your life changes and you just do what you've got to do. I always adapt to things, and am happy to take on challenges…"
Miller has a smile as big as his mum's!

Treasure the vulnerability of being a new mum

"When you have a partner, you are loved for who you are, but when you have a child you are at your most vulnerable and they are, too. For me, it solidified my identity and who I am. I didn't care about being judged because my son loves me for exactly who I am."
For more about Lauren's new parenting journey, her relationship with Barry and her post-baby body, pick up the December/January issue of Mother & Baby, on sale now.