“I have not been kind enough to myself…” Lauren Brant gets REAL about being a new mum

She gave birth to her little boy, Miller, in May.
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There’s nothing more heartwarming than the first year of learnings and love with a newborn baby.

However, one of the not-so-glamorous parts of being a new parent is the lack of sleep you get.

This is just how former Hi-5 kids entertainer Lauren Brant feels, with the new mum-of-one taking to Instagram to tell her 42,000-strong followers about what life’s been like since giving birth to Miller in May.

“I love Miller with all my heart and I love being a mother, HIS mother!” she began. “But today…. I realised that I have not been kind enough to myself and this is a HUGE problem because when I get run down, agitated or sad, I’m a lesser mum.”

She then went to detail Miller’s lack of sleep and how it is depleting her of energy.

“He is constantly trying to get close to me, hold my face, feel my skin against his and get comfort from breastfeeding.”

“I love that he loves me that much, but I feel drained and so damn exhausted.”

“I really need to find balance again, cause today- I admit I am just not coping.”

“The pressure I put on myself … with no plans of attack, makes me scattered. Please tell me this is a normal ‘phase?’ Otherwise I might just run away and live with an isolated tribe in Africa!”

Following her candid Instagram reveal, Lauren, who shares baby Miller with AFL great Barry Hall, was met with an outpouring of support from her fans.

“Just breath, take time out, don’t try to do everything at once, it’s not necessary,” one wrote.

“Find time for you because being a mum and partner as much as you can love it can be so exhausting,” another wrote.

Because we feel you, Lauren. We feel you…

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