EXCLUSIVE: “Extremely tough but very rewarding”: Candice Warner airs the realities of being a mum-of-three

Plus, she reveals her ''dream job''.
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From It Takes Two to SAS Australia: Who Dares Wins, Candice Warner is no stranger to pushing herself outside her comfort zone on TV.

But her latest gig as commentator for the Nutri-Grain IronMan and IronWoman Series finds her in incredibly familiar territory.

“It is a sport I know so well and a sport I love,” the 36-year-old tells Woman’s Day as she sits down to talk about her career and family, and reveals whether any of her three daughters with cricket superstar husband David Warner might follow in her footsteps.

Candice Warner has opened up all about her career and family.


You obviously know this sport back to front, but is it still nerve-wracking to take on the role of commentator?

I don’t think I will be nervous commentating – I certainly hope not! I used to get terribly nervous as a competitor, especially when the waves were big.

It was just one of those things where I never felt entirely comfortable, so I am really glad I am going to be on the sand this time around watching the brilliant competitors battle it out.

When you watch these events, does it make you miss the competition?

When you get down to the beach and see all the competitors, and how fit they are, [and they’re] doing their warm-up, and you just see the excitement, it does.

It is moments like these that make me miss competing and the adrenaline you get from putting your foot on the line and racing.

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Being a mother-of-three [daughters Ivy, seven, Indi, five, and Isla, two] is a full-time job in itself and you’ve spoken about how tough this year has been with David overseas. Is it nice to have something to focus on that’s your thing?

Being a mum-of-three is extremely tough but very rewarding, and being able to work and be back on the beach is going to be one of those dream jobs.

When you know the sport, love it and know the competitors, I don’t see it as work, I see it as a great day at the beach.

Do you think any of your daughters might follow in your footsteps?

I don’t think they will, but you never know. They do love going to the beach and paddling boards – recently I took Ivy out on a board and she loved that, but I think I would be petrified seeing my daughter go out in the ocean!

I will be happy with whatever they decide to do – of course we love sport and they have great genes, but we’ll support whatever their hearts desire.

Candice and David Warner have been loving life as “mum and dad” of three.


Have you shown them footage of your glory days?

No, they actually haven’t seen any footage, but they have seen photos and worn some of my old costumes, club caps and medals, so they understand.

What kind of training do you do these days?

I am back [doing] surf lifesaving training three times a week on the surf ski, and looking forward to competing in the masters competition at the Australian Championships next year.

I also love to run, especially with my husband when he is in town, and I like going to the gym. I like to keep as active as I can.

You’ve been involved in a few reality TV shows over the years. Are there any shows you’ve always wanted to do?

Being competitive, I would love to have another crack at SAS, but in saying that, I see how brutal it is and think maybe I should just leave that in the past.

Celebrity Apprentice would be fun and challenging, and I really like the fact it has a charity element.

Any exciting family plans this summer?

For us, every summer is always about cricket. We have all the Test matches this summer, and it is about supporting David and being together as a family.

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