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“Together at last!!:” David Warner has finally reunited with his wife Candice and their daughters just in time for the holidays

Their dreams have come true!

By Faye Couros
Days after Candice Warner revealed that she and David have only spent around three months together in 2021, the family has finally reunited, and their glee is palpable.
The mother-of-three shared a slew of pictures from one of their first days together to her Instagram including a selfie with David and plenty of pictures with their daughters, Ivy, Indi and Isla.
Candice captioned the family album with a sweet but evidently relieved message to mark their final reunion for the year.
Together again, at last! Instagram
"Together at last!! We have missed you @davidwarner31. 💕," she wrote.
Her loving husband, who has expressed his yearning to return home every week away commented, "Sooo good ❤️❤️❤️❤️."
David shared the same pictures on his Instagram page, which he paired with a loving statement about seeing his girls, the most important people in his life.
"So happy to be back with my girls, straight away it's pool time 😂😂 have missed you all soo much. #family #bestfriends @candywarner1," he penned.
The cricketer had been away from his family because of his work commitments, and unfortunately, due to the nature of COVID, they couldn't visit each other as they had in the past.
"Sooo good ❤️❤️❤️❤️." Instagram
In November, David shared a throwback of Candice planting a tender kiss on his cheek during a night out.
In the accompanying caption, he revealed his heartbreak over the tough border closures, which meant he could not be with his family.
"#throwback can't wait to see my girls!! Hopefully, borders open, and we can be together very soon," the father-of-three wrote.
David, who had to celebrate his 35th birthday alone in October, also expressed the magnitude he is missing his "rocks" and their "support."
"Have missed you all soo much," he finished.
Of course, Candice shared her desire to see him soon in his comment section, writing, "I love you, darling. Can't wait to see you soon. ❤️."
"❤️❤️❤️❤️," replied David.
It's been a tough year for the Warners. Instagram
Candice and David's first and most uncertain stint apart occurred earlier this year when the Australian government banned David's cricket team from entering the country due to the dangerous COVID-19 wave in India where the team had been playing.
During an interview on Sarah McGilvray and Catherine Mahoney's Nova podcast, Not Another Parenting Podcast, Candice shared that she felt like a "single mum" and struggled without her husband's support.
"So, we spent a lot of time apart which… it has been hard… Just being the single Mum, it's kind of not what I signed up for. I'm building a house, homeschooling, lockdowns… it has been a juggle, and it's been really tough, to be completely honest," she said.
"So, we spent a lot of time apart which… it has been hard… Just being the single Mum." Instagram
When asked to expand on how she feels about running her household alone, she didn't hold back on expressing the raw emotions she has experienced.
"Yes, it is really hard. it's just trying to just accept it. Because obviously you're not a single mum, but you basically are like you are and it's times where you don't want to get resentful," she admitted.
"You don't want to get angry, you know, we're only human, and there's times what you do you rock up to your friend's house, and they're there with their husband and kids. And it's just you… you with three, and it is difficult, and it has been I'm not going to lie."