4 fun baby shower game ideas

Your baby group will go ga ga over these cute games!
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Are you in charge of planning a baby shower and have absolutely no idea how to start? From beautiful decorations to a thoughtful gift, there are so many different elements to consider.

But when it comes to games, do not stress! To ensure your day runs perfectly as planned and everyone has a fun time, we have pulled together the only four baby shower games you need.

Who doesn’t want to look at cute baby photos?!?

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1. Where’s Baby Wally

A great way to get your friends and family involved is by literally inserting them into the games. In the lead up to the baby shower, ask your guests to send through one of their own baby photos. On the day, everyone has to try match up the baby shower guest with their baby photo.

Minimalist Baby Bingo, from $4.90 at Etsy

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2. Baby Bingo

Just like bingo but instead of numbers, you can use common phrases and words associated with babies. From ‘nappy’ and ‘milk’, to ‘swaddle’ and ‘stroller’, you can create the bingo cards with a mix of different words, then cut up a couple of your templates and place in a hat to draw out one by one until someone yells ‘Baby Bingo’.

If that level of preparation is too much to handle, then head to Etsy to find beautiful, pre-made templates.

Minimalist Baby Bingo, from $4.90 at Etsy

Always leave time for baby shower gift unwrapping.

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3. Minute to Nappy

Think gameshow Minute to Win It, but with nappies. The aim of the game is for each guest to put on as many nappies as possible within one minute. Whether that is putting nappies on themselves or a toy, that is up to you.

Baby Trivia, from $7 at Etsy

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4. Baby Trivia

How clued up are your baby shower guests? Find out with a game of Baby Trivia. You can create the questions yourself or find a template online and test your nearest and dearest on everything from how many nappies a baby will go through in a year, or how many bones babies are born with.

Baby Trivia, from $7 at Etsy

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