How to plan an unforgettable baby shower

Celebrate your new bundle of joy in style.

If you’re a new mum-to-be, everyone will want to celebrate you and your impending arrival, and who can blame them? You’re entering an exciting new chapter and bringing a gorgeous new life into the world. But planning the perfect baby shower can come with unwanted pressure at a time when you’re meant to be feeling anything but. There’s the cake, the decorations, the food and, of course, there has to be games!

The solution? Find a host who can help you with the planning, or better still, take it off your hands entirely. Make it someone trustworthy – your mum, sister or bestie. That way you can still be involved as much as you like, while leaving the heavy lifting to them.

Plan the date well in advance. Usually, a baby shower takes place when you’re around seven months pregnant. You’ll be in peak pregnancy-glow mode, but not so big that you can’t enjoy the festivities completely.

And don’t forget the gift registry. That dream list of a pram, cot, baby products, toys and clothes that you’ve been quietly compiling? Put it all on your registry to help make those dreams a reality.

Here are our top tips for a stress-free baby shower that you’ll look back on fondly.

Choose a venue and guest list

Holding your baby shower at a restaurant or cafe will make for a stress-free experience.

The venue will be a big factor in how smoothly your day goes. Choosing somewhere outside of your own home might cost more, but it will save you in clean up, set up and food prep. Consider a favourite cafe or restaurant, maybe one that serves high tea. You’ll have the theme, food and activities sorted in one go.

Go with a theme

Fancy a sophisticated jungle theme for your baby shower?

If you’re on Instagram, you’ll know the baby shower pictures are almost as important as the event itself. Plus, it’s a day you’ll want to look back on again and again. To ensure your baby shower looks gorgeous for the pics, give it a theme.

Stuck for ideas? Why not go for an adorable white-on-white theme? Or take inspiration from your favourite children’s books or TV characters. Cater to the adults with a French countryside theme – think floral tablecloths, delicate porcelain plates, fabric bunting and petit fours. A zoo, circus, space or nautical theme is also lots of fun.

Make the cake the star

A sweet ombre rose-decorated cake for a pink-themed shower.

The cake will be the centrepiece of your table and a major part of the event. The cake cutting is a whole activity in itself! Not to mention, another great photo opportunity.

It’s all about decoration. Choose one to match your theme, or ask someone special to make it for the ultimate personal touch. Or why not opt for professionally made cupcakes and have your guests decorate them?

Plan a gift registry

Give guests some guidance on the best gifts for bub.

It’s a universal fact that babies need a lot of stuff! Help your family and friends find the perfect gift for you and bub (and avoid double-ups) by putting together a gift registry. This way, your loved ones’ hard-earned funds will go towards products that cover all of your baby’s needs, from clothes and swaddles, to toys and bath accessories.

Metro Baby’s registry allows you to add a huge range of gifts from its curated website. The convenience! Try to have a balanced list of pricier items, which make good group presents, and budget-friendly options, so there’s something for everyone.

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