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These Kmart baby shower decorations are all under $20

At this point, what doesn’t Kmart have?

By Olga Scorer
Kmart has developed a reputation for being Australia's one-stop shop. With its expansive product range, many are often guilty of walking in for one item and leaving with ten - us included. But little did you know Kmart has a whole range of baby shower-appropriate décor?
Seeing as baby shower season is almost never-ending, those preparing for a celebration of their own can find solace in the fact that Kmart has you covered.
Decorate for less! (Image: Getty)
To save stress (and money), here, we share the best budget baby shower decorations.
7 Piece Baby Foil Balloon Pack (Image: Kmart)
7 Piece Baby Foil Balloon Pack, $3 at Kmart
For only $3, this pack of foil and latex balloons are the perfect centrepiece to a shower spread. Right on theme, the 7-piece set can be filled with helium and sealed for long-lasting height. The baby-bottle-shaped foil balloon, reading 'Oh Baby' is accompanied by pink, blue, and white latex balloons.
90 Piece Pastel Embellished Mega Garland (Image: Kmart)
90 Piece Pastel Embellished Mega Garland, $12 at Kmart
Kmart sure are plentiful in the balloon department! As a staple party decoration, this balloon garland is a great neutral option. For a brighter look, a more saturated colour option is also available.
Cloud & Rainbow Backdrop (Image: Kmart)
Cloud & Rainbow Backdrop, $9 at Kmart
Because we love options, we've saved one of the best balloon combos for last. Perfect as a table backsplash, this cloud and rainbow balloon combo is an absolutely adorable selection for a baby shower. Just look at it!
3 Pack Paper Fan Decorations (Image: Kmart)
3 Pack Paper Fan Decorations, $3 at Kmart
These cute paper fans are the perfect addition to a décor spread. Pair with balloons, table decorations, and their blue counterparts (see below) for the full effect.
3 Pack Paper Fan Decorations (Image: Kmart)
3 Pack Paper Fan Decorations, $3 at Kmart
The blue sibling to the pink pack!
Circle Tissue Paper Backdrop (Image: Kmart)
Circle Tissue Paper Backdrop, $12 at Kmart
This lightweight, easy to hang backdrop is another great option for a table backsplash. The neutral colour scheme is an added bonus!
20 Piece Pastel Rainbow Tassel Garland (Image: Kmart)
20 Piece Pastel Rainbow Tassel Garland, $4 at Kmart
This pastel garland is a multifunctional wonder. Line your table for a touch of pizazz, or use as a traditional garland to spruce up the colour palette of the event.
Beige Linen Look Extra Large Tablecloth (Image: Kmart)
Beige Linen Look Extra Large Tablecloth, $20 at Kmart
As a more 'boring' addition to this list, a classic tablecloth will break up the multi-coloured party accessories. Better yet, this linen look piece can be reused on multiple other occassions.
6 Piece Party Animal Wooden Cake Topper (Image: Kmart)
6 Piece Party Animal Wooden Cake Topper, $2 at Kmart
Who could pass up these super-cute cake toppers! If you're planning on desserts, these gorgeous little pieces are an essential.
Rainbow Honeycomb Centrepiece (Image: Kmart)
Rainbow Honeycomb Centrepiece, $4 at Kmart
Because baby showers seem to call for the pastels, we share another uber-cute table decoration (because one isn't enough). Place it on the snack or presents table for a little something extra.