How to have a luxury babymoon like a royal

Because Meghan Markle isn't the only pregnant princess who deserves to be pampered!
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I’ll be honest with you, there’s A LOT of self-indulgent I’m-having-a-baby traditions I simply refuse to partake in.

From cringe-y gender reveal parties to OTT baby showers complete with goodie bags, chocolate-encrusted nappy games and even gift registries (I will seriously never understand this trend! It’s your decision to have a baby, don’t force your friends to buy you that $700 designer pram. Alas…), it’s a firm no from this pregnant party pooper.

So while you’ll never catch me throwing an extravagant Meghan Markle-inspired shower, there is one countdown-to-baby treat I fully endorse. And that is the sophisticated art of the babymoon.

Consider it your last hoorah to eat, sleep and pamper yourself before your little one arrives.

A slice of secluded luxury

Your official final holiday sans bub should be one to remember so why not go all out?

My partner and I spent a long weekend at Melbourne’s newest boutique hotel, Campbell Point House, and it’s fair to say we felt like royalty.

The stunning estate, which is a half-hour drive from Avalon airport or 60 minutes from Melbourne’s CBD, is tucked away in the middle of the unassuming countryside in the Bellarine Peninsula.

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This will do just fine! (Image: Campbell Point House)

Upon arrival, we enter through the grand antique gates and drive down the tree-lined path.

If it wasn’t for the fact I had just boarded a plane from Sydney to Melbourne, I would swear I had stepped back in time to an aristocratic French villa.

The property, which was originally purchased with the intentions for being a family home for property developer Aaron Parkhill before they realised the sheer magnitude of the estate was far too big for them, has recently undergone an extensive $10 million renovation and the results are nothing short of spectacular.

From the infinity pool, tennis court, billiards room, day spa, greenhouse and private jetty, Campbell Point House is the kind of place you know you’ll be longing for during those late-night feeds.

To infinity and beyond: The pool fast became our favourite hang-out spot. (Image: Campbell Point House)

The farwell tour of sleep

As it’s a heatwave when we’re visiting, the first order of the day is getting straight into our swimmers and making a beeline to the infinity pool.

We’re lucky enough to have the pool area completely to ourselves and jump straight into the refreshing water, which overlooks the sprawling lake.

It’s little wonder the setting of Campbell Point House is so intimate, the 15-bedroom estate will only host up to 30 guests at a time. If you’re lucky, you may even spot a celeb frolicking across the well-manicured lawn.

Yep, Campbell Point House has the A-list seal of approval with stars like presenter Bec Judd, Geelong football player Joel Selwood and popstar Justin Bieber all spending time here. In fact, an episode of MasterChef was even filmed here.

After our swim it’s obviously time for an obligatory afternoon nap because lord knows how long it’s going to be until I can catch some zeds whenever I please.

Our bedroom is on the first floor and boasts breathtaking views of the pristine gardens and surrounding lake-side.

But it’s the marshmallow-soft King-sized bed that really helps me get into holiday mode and did I mention our bedroom is almost too pretty to even set foot in and ruin with our luggage? Think marble bathroom, plush antique décor and enormous arch windows.

The property is so secluded and quiet that I don’t even have to bother with my emergency travel earplugs, which are usually a prerequisite for any hotel room.

Digs fit for a Queen. (Image: Campbell Point House)

Save room for dessert

Every babymoon deserves a special date night dinner and Campbell Point House’s head chef Tobin Kent offers up the ultimate eight-course degustation.

With loads of the produce being sourced from their onsite Potager garden and local surrounds, the menu is seasonal, fresh and simply delicious.

The best part? There were so many pregnant-friendly dishes and they were more than happy to make modifications for any that weren’t.

Stand-outs included the pasteurised chicken with sunflower and dandelion root, slow-cooked carrots with Pecorino and black onion and don’t even get me started on the DOUBLE desserts! I’m still dreaming of the chocolate with coffee and fig, which was followed up with strawberries with pistachio and plum skin.

Don’t worry, eating for two and all that jazz!

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Head chef Tobin Kent offers up the ultimate eight-course degustation. (Image: Campbell Point House)

Location, location, location!

The beauty of Campbell Point is that it’s not only a world unto itself but also close to so many must-visit beaches – that is if you can even manage to peel yourself away from the estate.

The iconic Bells Beach is only a short drive away, or if you want a more local-approved watering hole the Torquay Foreshore Reserve is perfect to set up camp for a few hours.

A palace on the peninsular: I floated home after my stay here. (Image: Supplied)

All that sunbaking can be exhausting so make sure you go via the world-famous Great Ocean Road Chocolaterie & Ice Creamery on the way home for the most delicious and generous serving of freshly-whipped ice cream you’ll ever taste.

Pro tip: order the Nutella Swirl, you will not regret it.

And now if you don’t mind me, I’ll be rolling back to Sydney. Well fed, well rested and ready to take on this crazy next chapter!

Campbell Point House, you won over me and the bump. (Image: Supplied)

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