The 2015 winner of MasterChef is Billie McKay

After one of the most sizzling seasons battling it out in the kitchen, Billie McKay has been crowned the 2015 winner of MasterChef Australia!

By Chloe Lal
The 23-year-old couldn’t hide her emotions and cried with joy after she defeated the hugely-talented Georgia Barnes over three gruelling rounds.
Out of 24 contestants, Billie has won bragging rights (for the next year), a cash prize of $250,000, work experience in some of Australia’s best kitchens and an Alfa Romeo Giulietta.
Runner up Georgia received a prize of $20,000 while third place, Jessica got a smashing $10,000!
But the surprise prize of the night was Heston offering the 2015 Masterchef a job at his elusive The Fat Duck restaurant!
The 23-year-old gave everything to the cook as she poured her heart and soul into the three rounds.
Billie's well-deserved win showed an emotional side of the 23-year-old.
The first round was the season’s greatest and final Mystery Box. Instead of unveiling the contents of the box, the exceptional produce was brought in by the farmers and fishmongers, themselves.
In a classic Masterchef Mystery Box the girls had 1 hour to create something fabulous, while showcasing the ingredients.
Georgia played to her strengths by creating a pasta dessert with strawberries.
“You’ve just got throw everything into it!” Georgia laughed about her unconventional cook.
“I don’t think we’ve ever had a sweet ravioli in this kitchen that we have all-loved,” Gary admitted.
Interestingly, Billie also opted to create a dessert with the strawberries as her hero.
“I really want to respect the strawberries today,” she said about her vision.
“As usual, Billie is multi-tasking like a beast,” top 3 contestant, Jessica observed from the gantry.
In the first round there were 30 points up for grabs.
First to be tasted was Billie.
The first round saw both contestants celebrate strawberries. The top image is Georgia's creation. While the bottom is Billie's, showcasing her signature parfait.
Gary commented, “There are elements that I love! But where’s the strawberry?”
George added he loved what was done to the strawberries on the plate while Matt explained how high the standard of cooking is.
“There’s a reason why we pick this mystery box. Everything that you touched is glorious!” Matt told the 23-year-old.
Georgia’s dish was the next to be tasted, much to Gary’s apprehension, reminding us he is not a fan of sweet pasta.
All three judges were impressed with Georgia’s unique creation. Gary described it as a “magical combination”. George was impressed, “You’ve been really clever.” While Matt kept it simple, “It was truly beautiful.”
Gary: 7/10
George: 7/10
Matt: 7/10
Total: 21/30
Gary: 8/10
George: 7/10
Matt: 8/10
Total: 23/30
At the end of round one, Georgia had a two point lead after scoring 23/30.
Following the first leg of the finale, both contestants were joined by their loved-ones in an emotional reunion.
It was a tearjerking moment when the girls were joined by their loved ones.
Round two was all about food from the heart. Billie and Georgia had an open pantry to cook whatever they wanted in 90 minutes.
Georgia couldn’t wait to cook for her mum, creating a “tribute to mushroom” dish in her honour.
Billie decided to keep it simple and use her parent’s favourite, scallops marrying it with fennel.
Once again Billie’s dish was the first to be tasted.
After tucking in, her family and the judges shared their enthusiasm for the scallop and fennel creation.
George admitted the plating was great, but “it was so yummy!”
The second meal, created by Georgia was a medley of mushrooms.
The judges were more than happy with both meals, with high scores across the board.
Gary: 8/10
George: 8/10
Matt: 9/10
Total: 25/30
Gary: 9/10
George: 9/10
Matt: 9/10
Total: 27/30
After round two, Georgia had a four-point lead with 50/60 compared to Billie’s 46/60.
Heston's dessert took our breath away! It seemed impossible but both girl's recreated with a lot of grits, guts and kitchen-sized amount of determination!
The final pressure test saw the exciting return of UK's culinary whiz, Heston Blumenthal, which was scored out of ten by the three judges and Heston.
Georgia joked, "Wanna get out of here now? We can split the money."
Matt Preston described the five-hour marathon of a challenge as “the hardest pressure test in the history of pressure tests… anywhere in the world!”
The dish that decided the fate of the next Masterchef was a Heston creation. Underneath the cloche was a dessert called Botrytis Cinerea – we’d describe it a magical Christmas themed illusion.
Georgia summed it up aptly, “This is the Mount Everest of challenges.”
The final round had more pressure than the entire seasoned combined.
George definitely was the unsung hero of this round, providing unconditional support to the two finalists.
In a mind-blowing feat, five hours, 55 steps and 17 elements later – the girls are done!
Georgia was the first to be scored, receiving 7/10 from both Matt and Heston while George and Gary awarded her 8/10.
Billie was the second to be judged, receiving a well-deserving 9/10 from all the judges and Heston - winning her the title!
Speaking of her food dream a reality, Georgia is ecstatic that she can now make it a reality.
"My greatest ambition is to own and operate a retreat-style cooking school somewhere in the Sunshine Coast hinterland," she beamed of her exciting plans for the future.
"It would be a gourmet food experience with all produce grown on site. Guests would gain an education about gardening, produce and wellbeing."
The home-cook has come such a long way wowing us as she plated up some of the finest food we’ve seen on the Channel 10 reality show.
Despite going head-to-head for the top spot, Georgia and Billie have remained on great terms with one another.
On Sunday night, we said goodbye to the Queen of Flavour, Jessica Arnott, after an epic semi-final throwdown. The three amateur chefs had to prepare, cook and serve 20 main courses and 20 dishes on their own.
Billie was the first through after she wowed judges Matt Preston, George Calombaris and Gary Mehigan, with George admitting her menu had “no negatives”. While Georgia’s main oozed “chefiness” but sadly it was Jessica’s risky dessert that saw her miss landing a spot in the coveted top two.
The latest serving of the cooking reality show definitely reminded viewers of the magic from season one, with Georgia being described as reminiscent of Julie Goodwin, from season seven fame, while Billie has been channelling the spark of the first ever runner up, Poh Ling Yeow.
The talented top two spoke exclusivelyto Woman’s Day and the pair couldn’t be happier for each other’s success!
Where it all began... Georgia's love of home cooking has always been shown in her food.
The talented top two spoke exclusivelyto Woman’s Day and the pair couldn’t be happier for each other’s success!
“Georgia is amazing,” 23-year-old Billie, 
a restaurant manager from Ballina, gushed.
“We’re really good mates. I respect her 
so much and we have 
heaps of fun together both in and out of the kitchen. We just get along so well.”
Georgia, 27, credits Billie’s cool, calm and collected approach to cooking as her recipe for success.
“Billie’s been an amazing teammate,” she said. “I think we nailed it and I’m so proud.”
Georgia couldn’t hide her delight over reaching the final stage of the competition admitting, “I can’t believe it. This has been the most spectacular journey of my life. It’s going to be a crazy day. I’m super happy to be doing it with Billie!”
For the two girls, they have a lifelong friendship which is the icing on the cake.
Will a cool, calm and collected Billie take out the title or will the ever-passionate Georgia beat her to the punch?
Be sure to tune into the MasterChef finale on Channel Ten at 7:30 p.m tonight!
The final pressure test has been set by culinary whiz, Heston Blumenthal!

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