Simple steps to lasting weight loss

Simple steps to lasting weight loss

Most people know by now that there is no magic pill to losing the five, 10 or 20 kilograms of weight they need to.

To allow you to lose weight and keep it off changes need to be focused around ‘lifestyle’ factors — behaviours, motivations and environment.

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Let’s look at some simple steps to get you started:

  • Do some homework! Are you ready to make a lifestyle change? Write down your motivations, goals and rewards, barriers and solutions. Revisit them regularly

  • Track your progress. Studies show that people who do this have more success

  • Have a checkup with your GP, especially if you haven’t exercised in a while are over 40 years of age

  • Choose an activity you enjoy, and keep trying new things

  • Aim for 0.5-1kg loss per week, people who lose weight faster are more likely to put weight back on

  • High intensity training (eg interval training) is more effective at fat loss than continuous training, but may not be suitable for everybody

  • A mixture of aerobic (e.g. walking, cycling) and resistance (weight training) will usually be the most effective method

  • Start slow but build up to 3.5 hours of activity a week. This might sound like a lot, but we all should be able to manage 30 minutes of exercise a day

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This information is provided by the Sanitarium Nutrition Service.

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