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There’s no better way to relive your inner child than revisiting a beloved childhood hobby. Take skipping, for example. Jumping rope is not just a playground pastime but a superior cardio workout, beneficial for improving coordination, burning calories, and enhancing cardiovascular health.

Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast, a boxer, or someone looking for a fun way to stay active, the right skipping rope can elevate your exercise routine.

These are some of the best skipping ropes available.

The best skipping ropes in Australia


Celsius Skipping Rope

from $8.99 at Rebel

The Celsius Skipping Rope is a great option for those who appreciate simplicity and efficiency. Its lightweight design makes it easy to carry, meaning you can get your workout in anytime, anywhere.

Colour: Black.

Key features:

  • Comfortable & thin handles
  • Durable construction for repeat use
  • Great for portable cardio exercise
  • Length: 280cm


PTP X-Rope

from $39.99 at Rebel

With its unique design, the PTP X-Rope offers unparalleled versatility. This rope comes with a quick-change mechanism, allowing you to switch between different rope weights and thicknesses to match your workout intensity. It’s ideal for those who like to mix up their training and challenge themselves in new ways.

Colour: Black.

Key features:

  • 3m length
  • Adjustable rope length
  • Interior cord to prevent the rope from stretching
  • Lightweight

Also available at:


FEECCO Fitness Jump Rope

from $27.99 at Amazon

This 2.8m rope can be adjusted to 2.5m. Its durable, tangle-free cable and smooth, fast-spinning action help you achieve maximum speed and agility during your workouts.

Colours: Black

Key features:

  • Metal handles
  • Adjustable length
  • Aluminium handles covered with silicone rubber
  • Heavier than regular PVC ropes


PROIRON Skipping Rope

from $25.99 at Amazon

This heavy-duty weighted rope is ideal on any surface. The ergonomic, non-slip handle provides a comfortable grip, enhancing your workout experience.

Colours: Grey, Pink, Blue

Materials: Silicone, Polyvinyl Chloride

Key features:

  • 3m adjustable length
  • Weighted handles
  • Non-slip Silicone Handles


Aim’n High-Speed Jumping Rope

from $29 at Aim’n

Designed for speed, the Aim’n High-Speed Jumping Rope is a premium option that caters to competitive athletes and those focused on improving their quickness and agility. Its lightweight design and advanced bearing system allow for high-speed rotations without compromising on control or efficiency.

Colours: Black

Materials: List materials its made in. Don’t worry about current stock/availability. If it’s just made from one, that’s fine. Just make sure to change it to “Material”.

Key features:

  • Adjustable length
  • Metal handles
  • Tube covered wire
  • One size


PTP Power Weighted Jump Rope

from $49.99 at Rebel

Perfect for those looking to add a bit of resistance to their workouts, the PTP Power Weighted Jump Rope is designed to enhance muscle engagement as you jump. With removable weights in the handles, you can adjust the intensity of your workout to suit your fitness level. The ergonomic handles ensure a comfortable grip, making it easier to maintain your rhythm.

Colours: List colours its made in. Don’t worry about current stock/availability.

Materials: List materials its made in. Don’t worry about current stock/availability. If it’s just made from one, that’s fine. Just make sure to change it to “Material”.

Key features:

  • Removable weights
  • 3m length
  • Inner cord to prevent rope from stretching
  • Removable weights to vary level of challenge

How to workout with a skipping rope?

Incorporating skipping into your workout routine is a fantastic way to elevate your fitness game with something that’s both fun and effective. Start by weaving it into your existing routine as a high-energy warm-up or a cardio burst between strength exercises. Aim for short intervals of skipping to get your heart rate up without exhausting yourself too quickly. Try to gradually increase your skipping time or intensity to keep pushing your boundaries.

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