“This is the MOST effective toned arms workout”: The internet is obsessed with this YouTube video that gives you arms like Pippa Middleton in 7 mins

No push-ups required!
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Helen of Troy’s face might have launched a thousand ships, but it was Pippa Middleton’s bottom that launched a thousand headlines, catapulting the previously unknown party planner into a global sensation.

But while Pippa’s behind has enjoyed “fleeting fame”, as the woman herself puts it, following that show-stopping cameo at her sister Duchess Catherine’s wedding to Prince William in 2011, the 36-year-old’s strong and toned arms have also enjoyed some well-deserved time in the spotlight.

Just like her sister Kate, Pippa famously loves to keep fit and healthy and has always maintained an active lifestyle.

But she ramped up her workout routine in the lead-up to her wedding to husband James Matthews in 2017 and made headlines again, this time thanks her killer biceps, triceps and shoulder muscles.

Pippa was photographer out and about in London just two weeks before her wedding day.

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All her hard work paid off! Pippa’s toned arms stole the show in her Giles Deacon wedding dress.

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Kate helped out her sister on her big day. Side note – how amazing do Pippa biceps and triceps look here?

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And now there’s a super fast, super effective no equipment arm workout on YouTube that’s been going viral over the past few weeks, accumulating millions of views, that can help you get arms just like Pippa’s.

The seven-minute clip, titled Tone Your Arms Workout – No Equipment (QUICK + INTENSE), from fitness influencer Holly Dolke has been watched more than 5.4 million times, with two million of those views clocked up just over the past two months.

There are no weights required and no push ups either! You don’t need a mat or a wall. You just need a space big enough to have your arms extended out in front of and beside you.

Basically, you follow Holly’s instructions and move your arms in a series of shapes, never dropping them below your arm pits.

It sounds simple, but trust us, you’ll feel the burn!

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Fitness influencer Holly Dolke shows you how to get toned, lean arms with no weights and no push-ups.

(Image: YouTube)

There are 10 different exercises in total and you repeat each move for two sets of eight repetitions.

1. Extend both arms out to the side, forming a T-shape with your body, then flip your palms up and down, without dropping your arms

2. Draw a C-shape in the air with both arms, creating an oval scooping motion as you go

3. In your T-shape, push the back of your palms behind you, then repeat with your palms facing forward

4. Draw small circles with both arms in the same direction, then reverse the circles

5. Extend both arms out in front at shoulder height, then lift them above your head, then draw them back down into a T-shape, then bring them together again in front of your face. Reverse the motion.

6. With both of your arms extended out beside you in a T-shape, pretend you’re slapping a wall next to you. Alternate slapping each hand to the side, then the back, then the front.

7. Start with your arms in a T-shape, then bring them together in front of your face, with your arms still extended. It should feel like an extended hand clap.

8. Pretend you have an imaginary ball in your hands, extend your arms and twist your arms as though you are twisting the ball in the air from side-to-side.

9. Draw big circles, as big as you can manage, with both arms extended at the same time. Do eight circles in one direction and eight in the opposite direction.

10. For a final burnout to finish, extend your arms in a T-shape with your palms facing the ceiling and pump them a few inches in the air, keeping your arms straight the entire time.

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The video has become so popular (5.4 million views don’t lie!) that thousands of people have taken to the comments section to voice their love for this brutal, but oh so effective workout.

“This is THE MOST effective Tone Arms Workout. 4 weeks and my arms look so different, the way I’ve always wanted. I’ll keep doing these because I want to keep the way it is now,” one person commented on YouTube.

Another wrote: “This workout just kicked my ass! Who would’ve thought slapping the air would be so painful.”

“Did this everyday for a week. Already lost 1 cm on both arms,” celebrated one woman, while another wrote: “I have been doing this for a week, now my arms feel a lot stronger! This workout is definitely one of my favs”.

Try it for yourself and see!

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