5 mental health Instagram accounts to follow ASAP

See, social media can be used for the greater good.

By Ellie McDonald
Did you know that around one million Aussies will have depression in any one year? Oh, what about anxiety, you ask? That number sits at 2 million…
To mark this year’s World Mental Health Day on October 10, we’ve pulled together the mental health Instagram accounts to follow -- and trust us, they’re certainly worth a double-tap (or four).

For when you need to Zen the heck out…

headspace (@headspace)

Never heard of headspace? Essentially, headspace is a mindfulness app that’s all about making the uber-Zen practice of meditation free, simple and readily accessible for, well, anyone anywhere.
Not only is this bright-coloured Instagram deck loaded with cute/relatable images that sum up anxiousness in a pretty-looking nutshell, but headspace founder Andy Puddicombe oftens take questions from the app’s 261K following and will then answer them on Facebook Live.

For when you need a pretty/powerful pick-me-up

storyofthemind.com.au (@storyofhtemind.com.au)

FACT: One in five Aussies have experienced a mental health illness at some point in their lives. storyofthemind celebrates these Australians by collecting and sharing stories of strength and empowerment from those living with a mental illness on social media.
While this Instagram account does NOT provide solicited professional advice for those suffering a mental health condition, it does bring people together to ensure that no-one ever feels alone in their mental-health journey.

For when you need reminding that you’re not alone…

The Black Dog Institute (@blackdoginst)

Since 2002, The Black Dog Institute overview has been campaigning, fundraising and advocating for a mentally healthier Australia – and the proof is in their Instagram page.
Featuring affirmations that feel as though they were written personally for you, along with tips for easing the effects of everyday stressors, this is an account you’ll be tagging every man, woman and (black)dog in…

For when you need a hit of mental-health reality…

Sacha Justine/Leaf Lady (@thetremblingofaleaf)

Whether you’re experiencing a mental health illness or are recovering from something traumatic in your life, this doesn’t necessarily mean you need to shy away from opening up about what you’re going through.
Such is the stance 18-year-old Sacha Justine has taken; the anorexia survivor is using her Instagram platform to document her “raw recovery” as a means of promoting self-body love.

For when you want to connect with people who just… get it

R U OK Day (@ruokday)

Sometimes it’s hard to out stress/anxiety/depression into words. That’s why connecting with people who know what you’re going through is so important – which is exactly what R U OK Day’s Instagram pledges, and succeeds, to do.
From sharing people’s emotional stories to giving you the prompts to ask someone else if they’re alright… as well as teaching you what to ask yourself.
If you, or someone you know, needs to talk to someone, call Lifeline on 13 11 44. Or, if it is an emergency and you’re experiencing a crisis, call 000 NOW.