How Jackie O maintained her incredible 10kg weight loss over the holidays and learned to love her curves

''I also try to not be so hard on myself.''
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Jackie “O” Henderson is more confident than ever before.

Since losing 10kg last year, she reveals she’s kept the weight off during the festive season, thanks to WW’s (formerly Weight Watchers) new PersonalPoints Program – which meant not having to say no to the Christmas ham.

“Over the silly season your routine can be thrown way out of whack. That’s why I was mindful of what I ate, however I still ensured I enjoyed the delicious food in moderation,” Jackie, 46, explains.

Jackie has never felt more confident!

(Image: WW)

“With the new WW PersonalPoints Program, it’s made it easy as I can add points to my budget by exercising, drinking enough water and eating non-starchy vegetables.

“Having a ZeroPoint food list unique to me helped me enjoy the food I love in moderation over Christmas.

“I added potatoes, wholegrain pasta and skinless chicken to my list, so I was able to enjoy them without tracking on my personal plan.”

Jackie’s weight-loss journey began in June 2021 after she admitted her punishing work schedule and unhealthy eating habits left her feeling less than happy with herself.

But since she decided to make a change, the radio host and television presenter is happier than ever.

“I love being able to do more activities with my daughter [Kitty, 11],” she explains. “I’m healthier, I have so much more energy and, most importantly, I’ve got my confidence back!”

Jackie admits that there are some days she feels more motivated than others, but by listening to her body she has been able to stick to her health goals without compromise.

“I always look at it as a journey. You’ll have days where you feel more motivated than others, however, I think where it really makes a difference is that I’m following a program that’s unique to me, so if I do have a craving for something I’m able to enjoy it without compromising on my health goals,” Jackie explains.

She adds, “This really helped over Christmas when there is so much delicious food to enjoy with friends and family.”

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On this journey Jackie has also learned to accept her body as it is, rather than wishing it was something it’s not, which has done wonders for her self-confidence.

“I’ve also noticed my self-confidence has increased dramatically, my clothes fit better – it doesn’t feel like such a squeeze!

“I also try to not be so hard on myself. I learned to love my curves and focus on feeling good and being healthy.”

The saying goes: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. That’s why Jackie has no plans to give up her WW lifestyle program this year.

In fact, she reveals that she’s determined to shed a few extra kilograms and is confident in her ability to do it.

She can’t wait to get active with daughter Kitty.

(Image: Instagram)

“After losing 10 kilos and maintaining the weight loss, I’m continuing my journey without compromise, and I’ve decided my goal this new year is to lose a few more kilos,” says the star.

If you’re wondering where to begin on your own weight loss journey, Jackie offers some sage advice.

“Just make that first step, whatever it may be. Putting on your running shoes and going for a five-minute walk will change your state of mind.

“If you take baby steps at first it won’t seem overwhelming,” she says.

Jackie feels like her old self again.

(Image: Instagram)

The formula for Jackie’s success has been joining a program that’s individually tailored to suit her needs.

If you’ve tried and failed at sticking to healthy eating in the past, she encourages trying a targeted approach.

“Choose the program that is personalised to you to help you become the healthiest version of yourself,” she says.

“I love WW’s new PersonalPoints program for just this reason – giving you the flexibility to achieve your goals with ease.”

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