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Liposuction, hair overhauls, weight loss and rugged beards: The best celebrity transformations from 2021

They all look incredible!
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While the average person might change up their look every few years or so, it seems celebs can’t get enough of overhauling themselves and undergoing dramatic face and body transformations.

And 2021 hasn’t disappointed when it comes to Aussie celebs sporting stunning new looks (even if it means we need to do a double take to recognise them).

From rugged beards, fringes, liposuction and everything in between, we’ve rounded up the best makeovers of the year.

Matt Agnew now sports a rugged beard.

(Ten/ Instagram)

Matt Agnew

Astrophysicist and former Bachelor star Matt Agnew is worlds away from his clean-shaven reality TV days. During Sydney’s latest lockdown, the 34-year-old shocked fans by growing out his hair and beard.

He debuted his new look by posting a photo of his lengthy and slicked back man bun, coupled with a full beard, and said: “Tell me you’re in lockdown, without telling me you’re in lockdown”.

Even though Sydney has been out of lockdown for nearly two months now, Matt has decided to keep his rugged new look (and we aren’t complaining!)

Former MAFS bride Sara Roza went under the knife.


Sara Roza

In July, former MAFS bride Sarah Roza underwent a total body transformation! She got Vaser liposuction on her arms, back, flanks/waist and abdomen, and has since revealed she couldn’t be happier with the results.

“Some fat that was removed from my tummy was then transferred into my buttocks to give it a more perky appearance, this procedure is called a BBL,” Sara said on Instagram.

Sarah, who was married to Telv Williams on the reality dating show, added that her body and shape and skin firmness look “even better since more time has passed”.

“Today I’m feeling fabulous plus I have SO much more confidence! My wardrobe choices are virtually limitless now & I’ve completely ditched my restrictive shapewear which I used to wear daily.

“I’ve certainly had a dramatic change in my body shape. This definitely isn’t a solution for weight loss (as I actually only lost about 5kgs) but rather it’s permanent body sculpting at it’s finest & I’m so glad I did it!”

Jackie O lost 10kg.

(Ten/ Weight Watchers)

Jackie ‘O’ Henderson

In August, just weeks after announcing she’d embarked on a new health journey with Weight Watchers, KIIS FM radio host Jackie ‘O’ Henderson revealed she’d dropped an astounding 10kg.

“I feel great. I’ve got so much more energy and I don’t walk past the mirror anymore and think, ‘My God, how did I get to this point?'” she told Woman’s Day.

The stunning media mogul says she approached lifestyle program WW (formerly known as Weight Watchers) in early June this year after her punishing work schedule, uneven sleep cycles and not-so-healthy eating habits left her feeling unhappy with herself.

“My relationship with food has never been a healthy relationship. It’s been very up and down,” Jackie admitted. “Breakfast radio isn’t the greatest job for a disciplined food and fitness regime.

Jackie said she was stuck in a rut of endless comfort food eating, and while she’s never aspired to be “stick-thin” like the celebrities she interviews on The Kyle & Jackie O Show every day, she slowly found herself dressing down to hide her figure.

“I’d researched a lot of food plans, but as soon as I had that meeting with WW, I instantly felt better about myself.

“It’s so easy and it doesn’t feel like a crash diet. You can still eat a lot of yummy foods. It’s just about making smarter choices.”

Martha continued to mix up her hair.


Martha Kalifatidis

If there’s one part of Martha Kalifatidis’ body we can constantly expect to change – it’s her hair.

When we first met the makeup artist on MAFS in 2019, she rocked long dark Kardashian-esque locks. But over the years, Martha has overhauled her famous hair several times, and it seems not a month went by in 2021 that the reality star didn’t mix it up.

The light brown look had its moment, followed by a dramatic blonde bob, and then long mermaid strawberry blonde locks.

But Martha caused a stir in March this year when she debuted a red bob with bangs.

“My DMs are flooded with messages about my hair. Literally 1000s of you have felt compelled to write to me to tell me your thoughts. So many kind and funny messages and then some that are not so kind,” she continued.

It comes as she says that most of the responses to her new look have been along the lines of saying she was “so much prettier with long brunette hair”⁣, or that she looks “so much older”, and even some that ask “have you lost it?”.

“Let’s make this really clear… idgaf about being ‘pretty’. That’s an outdated priority for women. I strive to be strong, independent, intelligent and driven. Keep your ‘pretty’ to yourself and I’ll keep doing what I’m doing,” Martha said in response to those types of comments.

But by June Martha had reverted back to her natural locks and continues to rock a dark brunette lob (long bob).

Jules has lost nearly 20kg on Jenny Craig.

(Instagram/ Getty)

Jules Robinson

Beloved former MAFS star Jules Robinson has always been candid with her fans about her weight loss journey, particularly since creating her own line of shape wear.

Earlier this month, Jules debuted her new look after losing 20kg following the birth of her son Oliver in October last year.

The Jenny Craig ambassador recently admitted her weight had “crept” up on her amid pregnancy, but is now edging closer to her goal weight.

“I’m nearly at my 20 kilos (weight loss) goal, back to what I was pre pregnant,” she said in October.

The 38-year-old managed to get rid of her baby weight in just 15 weeks by following Jenny Craig’s Rapid Results Max program.

“I love my curves, I’ve embraced every part of post-partum and felt like I had the energy to focus on me about 8 months in,” Jules said.

Bachelor star turned Love Island Afterparty host Abbie debuted a brand new fringe.

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Abbie Chatfield

Abbie’s 2021 transformation may not as be as drastic as some of the other celebs’ make-overs on this list, but it definitely deserves a mention.

The former Bachelor star’s career reached new heights in 2021, and so too, did her hair!

In November, Abbie debuted a brand new fringe to her 360,000 Instagram followers. The reality often changes up her versatile locks, on some days showcasing her fringe with straight hair, while also rocking her natural signature curls.

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