Ready to kick those weight loss goals? Here’s how an Aussie mum lost a whopping 30kg in six months

Of all the before and after weight loss stories we have heard, mum-of-three Wendy's has to be one of the most inspirational.
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I have been trying to lose weight all my life, but until recently I’d never been successful.

I think I’d tried just about every diet out there and none worked for me.

As a child I lived a pretty normal life, but when I hit my teens, things started to change.

When I was 13 years old, my weight nearly doubled over the six-week Christmas holiday period. I was seriously big and the doctors couldn’t work out what had happened to me.

For the past 23 years I’ve had a constant battle with my weight and my self-esteem.

“For the past 23 years I’ve had a constant battle with my weight and my self-esteem.”

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How my weight loss transformation began

I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to do the Healthy Weight For Life challenge that was being run by a Sydney radio station.

I had to visit my GP first to be given the all-clear to go on the program, which was reassuring because it meant they were serious.

The structure of the program really worked for me as it combined actually seeing the weight come off quickly, which I hadn’t been able to achieve before, with an excellent system that showed me exactly how I could change my habits to make sure I was able to keep the weight off forever.

The program helped me to focus seriously on changing what I was eating and to increase the amount of activity I was actually doing. It focused on getting the portions right and getting organised so eating healthier foods became easy.

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The shocking results

Now I am 30kg lighter and have learnt how to maintain my weight with the new skills I have learnt.

I’m so proud of myself and feel so positive that I approached the local video shop (I have been unemployed for a long time) to see if they had any work available and I couldn’t believe it — I got the job!

People even stop me on the street to say that I’ve inspired them to lose weight and ask how I’m going (my story was in the local paper about a month ago). I’m a long way from where I was six months ago and I am never, ever, going back there.

Wendy’s weight loss transformation is incredible!

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Tips for weight loss at home

Only you can decide when the time is right for you to lose weight and only you can truly motivate yourself to keep going (although help along the way is still important).

So focus on your motivation first. Work out what really motivates you personally (not just looks), like feeling in control of your life, having more energy, improving your health or feeling better about yourself. And only start when you are really ready and motivated.

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  • Set short-term goals (not just weight loss, itself). You get a fantastic sense of achievement when you reach them.

  • Get your portion size right. Don’t just focus on cutting out fat; focus on how much energy you are actually eating and drinking.

  • Don’t diet — make changes that you will be able to maintain forever.

  • Learn to love walking and do it for fun not just for exercise. Start increasing exercise slowly and build up over time. If you try to do too much too quickly, you will either hurt yourself or give up because it is too hard.

  • Never give up. If you do fall off the wagon don’t throw it all away, congratulate yourself on the things you have achieved, set some new short-term goals and get going again.

If you’re planning on changing your health and fitness routine at any point, be sure to speak to your GP first.

Frequently asked questions

How much weight can I realistically lose in six months?

Weight loss should be about 500 grams to one kilo per week for a period of six months.

How long does it take to lose 30kg?

Six months, if you are on a 1200–1300 calorie-per-day diet.

How can I lose 30kg quickly?

Identify your binge eating triggers and cut them out of your diet, walk home from work instead of driving, reduce your sugar and starch intake, eat more vegetables and protein-rich foods and try resistance training.

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