These seven mums lost a combined 300kg, here's how they did it

These women bared all to show off their amazing results.

Being a mum is busy work. So when you're trying to lose weight, it's easy to fall off the wagon.
But if you're in need of some inspiration from real mums, look no further! These seven mums from around Australia have lost an enormous 300kg combined and they all have one thing in common.
All seven women signed up for The Healthy Mummy, a health and weight loss program especially designed for real mums by Rhian Allen, who's a mother of two herself.
Since starting in 2010, the company has exploded in Australia and launched in the UK in 2018 and in the USA in 2019.
"Mums are the gatekeepers to the family, and the key person of influence for the health and longevity of her family," says Rhian. "When mothers set a positive health example, it can have a significant roll on effect across her family and community."
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Bec Ashforth, 34, Swanbourne, WA

Mum-of-five Bec shed a whopping 55kg and now weighs 45kg. (Image: Supplied)
Mum-of-five Bec knew she had to "pull her finger out" when she stopped weighing herself after her first baby.Jumping on the Healthy Mummy app, she shed a whopping 55kg and now weighs 45kg.
"I have five children and my two youngest were premature. I spent weeks in the hospital care nursery for each, but I still lost weight because I printed off The Healthy Mummy shopping list, so all the stress of thinking about buying healthy food was done for me," she says.
"I also drank the shakes, so I didn't have to leave the hospital," she adds. "I haven't looked back. Life is just so much better."

Fiona Mortimer, 47, Falcon, WA

Fiona knew she had to make a change when she was rushed to hospital with chest pains. (Image: Supplied)
Fiona knew she had to make a change when her weight was putting so much strain on her heart she was rushed to hospital with chest pains.
"It was a shocking eye opener," says Fiona, who used to weigh 99.8kg. "I remember my kids' faces – that's when I made the decision to change my life."
Since that fateful day, Fiona has lost 27kg in eight months.
"My kids are so proud of me. We eat healthily as a family and exercise together every day," she says. "If I hadn't done this I could be dead. It's as simple as that."

Heidi Reynolds, 34, Mooroolback, Vic

Heidi downsized 70kg in two-and-a-half years and now weighs 65kg. (Image: Supplied)
Heidi openly admits that she used to hate herself.
"Instead of other people putting me down, I would do it first," says the mother-of-two.
But she's turned the tables on her health, and after tipping the scales at 135kg, Heidi downsized 70kg in two-and-a-half years and now weighs 65kg. By ditching her penchant for pizza, she adopted a healthy lifestyle and changed her mindset.
"I stopped thinking I'm an ugly person, and I went from being in a life I hated to a life I love," she says.

Megan Carter, 39 Alfredton, Vic

Megan's not only lost 30kg but has an amazing man and new friends too! (Image: Supplied)
Megan's been through the unimaginable. Kicked out of home at 15, she was raped and also lost her husband (the father to two of her four children) to suicide. She admits she "gave up" and ballooned to 95kg.
The mum – who suffers from postnatal depression – says exercise and weight loss has helped her control her condition.
Megan lost 30kg and now weighs 65kg. She's made new friends, and has an amazing man, too.

Tanja Kortsen, 46 Cockatoo, Vic

Since October 2018, Tanja has lost 40kg and is now a healthy 76kg. (Image: Supplied)
Tanja admits that it was getting her driver's licence and then discovering the McDonald's drive-through that caused her to start putting on weight. Put giving birth to her three kids in the mix and she just gave up.
"When they were in bed it was 'my time'. That meant trashy TV and trashy food," she admits, casting her mind back to a time when she weighed 118kg.
Seeing another mum at her school losing weight inspired Tanja to try The Healthy Mummy. "I tried the four-week challenge, following a meal plan," she explains.
Since October 2018, Tanja has lost 40kg and is now a healthy 76kg. She's also taken up karate and recently won three events.

Nicole Marnell, 37 Croydon, Vic

Nicole lost a mammoth 60kg and has changed her eating habits for good. (Image: Supplied)
Separated from her husband, moving house and weighing 146kg, mother-of-three Nicole quickly realised she had hit her lowest point.
"I saw The Healthy Mummy on Facebook and started using the free recipes," she says. "Before then I wouldn't eat in the day, and at night I'd have a huge meal and sit in bed with a pack of Doritos."
Immediately the weight started to drop off. Fast-forward 16 months and Nicole now weighs 86kg – meaning she lost a mammoth 60kg!
"On Sundays I plan my menu and I'll cut up all my snacks, because if I don't take food to work I'll start picking."
And the hardest part? "Night-time snacking. Now I'll either have yoghurt or apple with peanut butter – it still feels naughty but it's not!"
Nicole is now running a half marathon later this year, and even got back with her husband, who is her biggest supporter.

Lauren Jones, 35, Tacoma, NSW

Lauren has the added challenge of having an underactive thyroid but has lost an impressive 18kg. (Image: Supplied)
When Lauren was eight weeks pregnant with her second child she was diagnosed with Hashimoto's disease, which causes an underactive thyroid. Weighing 72.4kg at the time, losing weight became an uphill battle.
"I was desperate. I'd tried everything from the cabbage soup diet to eating nothing to lose weight, all in vain," she says.
Following The Healthy Mummy program, Lauren lost 18kg and is thrilled to be a size 8, 58kg happy mum.
"Now, when I go dress shopping I want to sing from the rooftops!" she says. "The only problem is I can fit into everything, so I've got to learn to dress my age!"
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The Healthy Mummy has helped mums lose more than 3 million kilograms. Last week it released a global health survey revealing the main barriers to losing weight are lack of motivation and lack of time!
Anyone needing support can call Lifeline on 13 11 14 or visit their website here.
Congratulations ladies! (Image: Supplied)

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