11 perfectly-sized handbag essentials to make on-the-go life a little bit easier

The ultimate bag of tricks.

Unless you’re Mary Poppins or any other fictional character blessed with unlimited handbag space, maintaining an organised bag, filled with all the essentials, is no easy feat.

Less of an accessory, more of a temporary storage unit, these smart, handbag-friendly buys will get you through one hectic day after another. From 6am spin class to 8pm parent-teacher interviews, these 11 little heroes promise to make life easier.

Australians are estimated to use more than one billion coffee cups each year; the majority of which are unable to be recycled. With many cafes offering customers ordering with a reusable coffee cup a discount, it’s an easy way to save and do your bit for the environment.

Frank Green coffee cup, $32.95

Fact: Women suffer from vaginal itch more often than the common cold. Whether it’s due to perspiration, stress, tight clothing, a new body wash… you’re not alone. And it can be soothed. Keep Vagisil Itch Relief Intimate Wipes in your bag. Gynaecologist-approved, the wipes feature a soothing blend of oatmeal, calendula and chamomile. Plus they’re single-wrapped, disposable and discreet — helpful when the kids decide to rummage through your bag.

<a href="

” target=”_blank” rel=””>Vagisil Itch Relief Intimate Wipes, $5.39

Prone to losing your keys? This device is a lifesaver. Attach the keyring and you’ll be able to locate your keys wherever they are — bottom of the handbag included — thanks to its clever tracking app and alarm.

Orbit Key Ring, $44.95

Avoid mindless mess by keeping any pens, toiletries and important receipts into a clear zipped case. That way, when it comes to quickly finding an item, you’ll have a lot less rubbish to sort through. Genius.

Kikki-k travel pouch, $14.99

When you’ve had a hectic day and humidity (or wild winds) are doing their thing, these makeup remover-soaked cottons buds will come in very hand. They quickly and efficiently clear up any mess from smudged eyeliner and to feathered lipstick.

Model Co. Liquid Buds eye makeup remover, $6

For pesky skirts that insist on sticking to your legs (and other unflattering places), keep this in reach. A few spritzes and you can kiss static goodbye. If you’re downsizing to a small bag, just decant a little bit into a travel spray.

Birch Statique Spray, $12.99

If you’ve ever left home with your battery at eight percent, you’ll know this portable charger is worth its weight in gold.

Sparkstone portable charger, $75

If you spend a good chunk of your time switching from baby bag to work bag, and back again, you’ll appreciate this nifty organiser. With a place for every item currently in your arsenal, all you need to do is pull it out of one bag and insert it into the other. Take our money already.

Agva Handbag Insert Organiser, $21.95

Let’s face it: You only ever spill food when you’re on your way somewhere important. Chuck this miracle pen into your handbag and forget about it until the day you drop your lunch on your white shirt just before a big meeting. Your future self is already giving you a high-five.

Hollywood stain removal pen, $7.95

Mints often get eaten (way) faster than intended. The answer? Fresh breath spray.

Ultrafresh, $4

Great for anyone prone to oily skin or breakouts, these oil-absorbing sheets are conveniently sized to fit in your bag pull out whenever you need. Simply press onto your face wherever there’s shine and your skin will feel (and look) flawless.

Sephora Collection oil blotting papers, $10

Brought to you by Vagisil. Shameless about vaginal health.

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