12 lactose-free meals, snacks and drinks guaranteed to please

Sunday brunch favourites included.

By BTYB Jalna
Maintaining variety in your diet can be tricky when you're lactose intolerant. Substituted ingredients often taste less appealing (and that's being kind) so repeating a small set of go-to recipes becomes the norm. Cue: food boredom.
Thankfully, Jalna's new Lactose Free Pot Set Yoghourts have landed, making snacks and meal times much more exciting.
Packed with probiotic goodness proven to help reduce bloating and improve digestion, the creamy pot set yoghourts contain all the dairy goodness of regular yoghourts, without the lactose. Whether it's a breakfast smoothie bowl, after-dinner treat or party food snack, they add texture and taste to any dish — without causing any digestive discomfort. Praise be.
Here we've rounded up 12 lactose-free recipes that are guaranteed to get you out of a recipe rut. Enjoy!