Five surprise foods that will actually help you lose weight

Can you imagine a world where consuming food made you to lose weight?
Kate Winslet

Well, imagine no more!

We’ve just uncovered five surprise foods that you’ll be dying to sink your teeth into… and conveniently, it won’t sink your scales.

As surprising as it may sound, there are some things you can eat that will help increase your metabolism, trigger hormones that release fat, and even eliminate toxins that can make it difficult for you to shed that extra weight.

Of course, these items aren’t miracle cures (so you’ll still need to put down the bucket of chicken and pound the pavement).

But with a healthy diet, you might just find things will start moving and shaking in the right direction.

Oh boy, Prince Harry serving us oysters… Twist my arm!


If you hold the champagne, oysters happen to be a very friendly delight.

They are the richest dietary source of zinc, which helps to decrease the appetite and PMS-induced cravings. Plus six oysters clock in a mere 50 calories!

We’d recommend having them raw with a squeeze of lemon.


Before you pick up the cinnamon doughnut, we are talking about the spice.

This multi-purpose spice helps move glucose into the cells faster, which means your using less insulin, which is the fat storage hormone.

Adding cinnamon to black coffee makes it delicious, or why not sprinkle some on your morning oats… Talk about yum!

Just because cinnamon is on the list, it does not mean you can indulge in mince pies. Use it as a sugar substitute in your coffee.


Well, we all know avocados are actually perfect. On toast, on pizza, or on its own… They are always perfect.

And also really good for you. In addition to containing lots of heart-healthy mono-unsaturated fats, avocados are a brilliant source of filling fibre (11 to 17 grams each). This means they are great at keeping you fuller for longer!

Just make sure you don’t go over half a cup daily.

Watch some avocado inspiration in the player below. Post continues…

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You’ve read this correctly, cheese is in fact good for you.

Time to skip indulging with your fatty soft cheeses like brie, and instead opt for an equally as yummy, low-calorie and calcium-rich hard cheese, parmigiano-reggiano cheese.

According to researchers at the University of Wisconsin, it activates the body’s fat-burning hormones. And thanks to its high protein content — it contains more than any other dairy product — you’ll stay full longer!


The only thing more shocking that cheese, has to be the golden spud.

Research has shown that cooking and then cooling potatoes before you eat them leads to the retrograde formation of resistant starch.

So what does this mean?

Resistant starch helps improve insulin stabilisation and it enhances satiety – which are two important factors in increasing fat loss.

Excuse us, need to find some potato salad.

Not just an adorable head…

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