VIDEO: Sofía Vergara’s son reveals her diet secrets

VIDEO: Sofia Vergara's son reveals her diet secrets

Actress Sofía Vergara has arguably one of the hottest bodies in Hollywood, so what’s her secret?

Sofía’s son, Manolo Vergara, who clearly inherited his sense of humour from his mum, has shared his mother’s eating habits with the world by posting a video of her online.

“She eats like a crazy lady,” he reveals in the clip.

Manolo says he decided to make the video, called Sofía Vergara’s secret diet, after receiving a number of emails from her fans about her diet and workout regime.

“My mother has always been very thin and people ask me what does she do? Whenever someone asks me about her workout routine I laugh in their faces!” he said.

This is just one of the videos Manolo has made about his mum’s life in the spotlight.

Manolo, who obviously has a fun-loving relationship with his mum, has also posted videos called ‘Sofia Vergara pranked’ and ‘I like Ellen better than my mum’ on his website Mi Vita Von Toty.

Take a look at what Sophie eats and her carefree attitude to food in the video player above.

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