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If you’re a runner, you know that finding the right pair of running shoes is like finding the Holy Grail. Ensuring your feet stay comfortable and well-protected while pounding the pavement is of utmost importance.

Yet, the vast amount of information available on what to consider and which shoes to buy can be overwhelming. Which is why we turned to an expert to guide us in finding the best running shoes.

Now To Love spoke with James Chan, the Head of Marketing Pacific at renowned global sportswear brand, Reebok, to get the inside scoop.

Does the type of running shoe matter?

First things first, does your sneaker actually matter when it comes to running? According to James, the right shoe can absolutely impact your performance, no matter your expertise level.

“Running shoes can indeed have a positive impact on performance, even for casual or beginner runners. A well-designed running shoe provides essential support, cushioning, and stability that can enhance comfort, reduce the risk of injury, and promote a more efficient running stride,” says James.

Important factors in a quality running shoe can include anything from stability to flexibility, cushioning or traction. When it comes down to it, it all depends on the individual runner and their needs.

When it comes to the design of a good running shoe, James advised that “designing running shoes for different types of runners involves considering factors like cushioning level (more for beginners, potentially less for advanced runners), support features, and biomechanical considerations”.

“Biomechanics, including factors like pronation (foot roll), impact forces, and stride length, influence shoe design. Different shoes offer varying levels of pronation control or support, cushioning materials, and flexibility to accommodate different foot strikes and running styles,” he says.

What should you look for when buying running shoes?

According to James, “shoppers should consider factors such as their running style, foot shape, terrain, and desired level of support and cushioning”.

“It’s important to get properly fitted, consider the shoe’s durability, and test the shoes through a short jog or run before making a final decision”, he adds.

The best women’s shoes for running in 2023

To give you a hand, below are some of the best shoes for running that are on the market and available to shop in Australia. Read on to find our top picks to suit a range of budgets and styles for any type of runner.


Nano X3, $200 at Reebok

“Currently, our standout performer is the Reebok Nano, a flagship franchise renowned for its exceptional performance,” says James.

The Reebok Nano X3 is the latest iteration and is designed with a Lift And Run Chassis system that provides stability and cushioning.



Women’s Bondi 8, $279.99 at Hoka

Hoka is kind of the MVP in the world of running shoes these days, its ultra-cushioned design makes them a lightweight, comfortable wear. You can select the width you require from your sneakers, which is a game-changer for those with wider feet, and they come in so many colourways your only struggle will be picking just one pair.



FuelCell Propel v4, $180 at New Balance

This is a great pair for both beginners and experts alike. Thanks to the intense cushioning they are great for longer runs, or to wear for recovery periods. At under $200, they’re also an affordable option for those wanting to save some cash.



On Running On Cloudmonster, $259.95 at THE ICONIC

Great for on road running, the On Cloudmonster offer a cushioned landing for hard surfaces. The honeycomb-esque cushioning compresses on contact to reduce impact.



Brooks Glycerin 20, $269.99 at The Athlete’s Foot

Soft but firm, these are great distance shoes. They’re high quality and ultra durable for those wanting to make an investment that will last for years to come. Their sole traction also makes them a good option for various terrains.



Nike Pegasus 40, $190 at Nike

Perfect for your daily training, these are a great option for short or mid-length runs for which you’re after a bit of stability. Unlike a lot of running shoes, these are also a great choice if you’re after something that works for both the gym, and for runs.



Gel-Nimbus 25, $260 at Asics

Be the envy of the tracks with these bold trainers from Asics. Highly cushioned, these feel like walking on clouds and are great for your daily runs or long distance trails.



Ultraboost Light, $270 at adidas

The adidas Ultraboost Light are the brands lightest ever sneaker. The BOOST midsole is made from a unique lightweight foam to ensure you don’t feel weighed down.



The North Face M Vectiv Infinite, $300 at THE ICONIC

These trainers are better suited to trail running, and their firmer feel offers support to your feet on rough terrain. These are particularly good for slower, beginner runners who are trying out trail runs.


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