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Low-impact workouts like Pilates and Yoga are having their time in the spotlight, and have opened up the world of resistance training to a whole new demographic. This includes lightweight workouts with the assistance of wearable weights, which can add a whole new level to your workouts.

Wearable weights are a game changer for those looking to up the burn during their workouts, and as opposed to traditional dumbbells or weights, they’re super easy to incorporate into your everyday exercise.

They’re like your fitness secret weapon, adding resistance to your movements and making your muscles work harder.

Are wearable weights worth it?

Adding weights to your low-intensity workouts can be a game-changer if you want to push yourself further. Benefits can include:

  • Enhanced calories burnt: By incorporating additional resistance into your movements, you can elevate your calorie burn even without conscious effort.

  • Muscle toning benefits: Wearable weights effectively target various muscle groups, fostering strength development and muscle toning. Whether you seek well-defined arms, toned glutes, or a sculpted core, these ingenious tools have got you covered.

  • Cardiovascular advantages: Wearing weights while doing cardio activities like walking or jogging amps up your heart rate, giving your cardiovascular system an excellent workout.

  • Bone density support: Weight-bearing exercises are great for your bones, and guess what? Wearable weights make almost any exercise a weight-bearing one. That means stronger bones and a lower risk of osteoporosis.

What weights should I use?

When it comes to wearable weights, the ideal weight varies based on your fitness level and comfort. If you’re a beginner, start with lighter options, like wrist and ankle weights around 0.5 to 1.4 kgs.

As you get more experienced, try 1.4 to 2.3kg. Advanced users might go heavier, like above 2.3 kilograms (2300 grams) or even up to 4.5 kilograms (4500 grams).

For weighted vests, begin with a lighter one, around 2.3 to 4.5kg, and work your way up. Always choose weights that feel comfortable and don’t strain your body. If you’re unsure, seek advice from a fitness professional to find what suits your goals best!

The best wearable weights to buy in Australia

Want to try introducing weights into your workouts? Below are the best wearable options available to shop in Australia this year.


Bangles, $79 at Bala

Bala are renowned for their high quality wearable weights, and their chic and sleek bangles are our pick. Available in two different weights, they’re an easy addition to any activity and come in a slew of colourways.



Gaiam Slimline silicone weighted bangles, $79.95 at MYER

Similar to the Bala weights, these comfortable weighted bangles are great for beginners. In a light (but definitely noticeable) weight of 1kg, add these to your wrists or ankles during your next Pilates class or long walk.



Celsius Weighted gloves, $24.99 at Rebel Sport

If you don’t like the bangle style, these weighted gloves are a great alternative. Thanks to the design you can still use your hands while you exercise whilst also experiencing added resistance of 500g for each glove.



Kole Imports walking weights, $40.37 at Amazon

Perfect for those wanting to use weights while they walk, these light 1kg strapped mini dumbbells are soft and comfortable to hold.



ES Fit Power bracelets, $48.75 (usually $75) at THE ICONIC

Use this sleek ankle weights during your next Yoga class and feel the burn instantly.



Inka Wearable wrist and ankle bands, $35 at Amazon

The bangle design makes these a great option not only for those wanting to further their workouts, but as a tool on the everyday to increase stability and add resistance.



The WOD Life Tech Plate carrier vest, $190 at THE ICONIC

If you’re a bit more experienced and are a fan of added weight during workouts, this tech plate vest is the way to take it up a notch. They allow unrestricted movement and are great for cross training.



Celsius Adjustable weight vest, $139.99 at Rebel Sport

Another weighted vest design, this 20kg vest is comfortable to wear but helps to build power in your workouts.


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