Pilates perfection: The best Pilates mats that will make you the envy of class

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In the realm of fitness and holistic wellness, Pilates has emerged as a popular practice that combines core strength, flexibility, and mindful movement.

In fact, one of the best parts about Pilates is the ease with which you can do this from the comfort of your own home. With the help of a couple of helpful accessories, you can turn the burn up to 100 and get your sweat on.

Truthfully, you really only need a good quality mat to get your start in Pilates, and we are taking a look at some of the very best.

Is there a difference between a Pilates mat and a yoga mat?

While both Pilates and yoga mats may seem interchangeable at first glance, they are designed with specific practices in mind. Pilates mats are often thicker than yoga mats, offering enhanced cushioning to cushion the spine and joints during exercises.

The added thickness of Pilates mats ensures that the mat can absorb impact and provide optimal support, which is crucial for the controlled and precise movements of Pilates routines.

Whereas yoga mats are thinner and boast a stickier surface. This aids in maintaining balance and stability during yoga’s stationary poses, with their grip preventing any untimely slips.

What is the best thickness for Pilates mat?

The right thickness of a Pilates mat can greatly impact your comfort and performance during workouts.

Generally, Pilates mats range from 8mm to 15mm in thickness. A mat that’s too thin might not provide enough cushioning for your spine and joints, leading to discomfort or pain during exercises.

On the flip side, a mat that’s too thick might compromise your stability and balance, affecting the precision that Pilates demands.

A recommended thickness for Pilates mats is around 10mm to 12mm. This range strikes a balance between cushioning and stability, allowing for controlled movements while ensuring your body’s comfort. The thicker padding supports your back, hips, and other pressure points, promoting proper alignment and reducing strain.

The best Pilates mats to buy in 2023

Below are some of our favourite Pilates mats that are available to shop in Australia, so get scrolling and start your Pilates journey in style.


The Play Mat, $165 at Bala

Bala are the crème de la crème when it comes to Pilates accessories. As it is 8mm thick, this is a great mat for various types of activities from Pilates to yoga or just general workouts at home. It’s made from an antimicrobial material, is waterproof and moisture-wicking as well as slip-proof to avoid accidents.



PROIRON All purpose mat, $55.99 at Amazon

A bit thicker than the Bala mat, this comfortable alternative is actually 10mm thick. Which is great for those who are perhaps more sensitive to bruising and want some added padding.



PowerTrain Eco-Friendly Yoga & Pilates mat, $54 at MYER

Made from a biodegradable material, this is a mat for the eco-conscious exerciser. This can work for both Pilates and yoga as it is 8mm thick, and even comes with a handy carry strap for class.



Nyamba 8mm folding at, $23 (usually $29) at Decathlon

If you prefer a folding-style mat for around the home, this is a great option from Nyamba. You can use this mat for a range of workouts and is super easy to store.



Thick 20mm fitness mat, $31.99 at Amazon

Perhaps the thickest of mats, at 20mm thick this is a great option for exercises like Pilates where you have more impact with the floor and want extra cushioning. It’s non-slip and high density which is also great for balance.



Bahe Studio Pilates mat, $64.99 at Rebel Sports

Built with durability in mind, this is a great mat option for the dedicated Pilates goer. It comes with a carry strap for classes on the go and is lightweight to carry around.



Domyos Pilates floor mat, $60 at Decathlon

At 15mm this is another mat on the thicker end. It’s super comfortable while you exercise and is gentle on joints and bones.



Daway Eco friendly mat, $39.99 at Amazon

Made from a non-toxic, tear-resistant and recyclable material, this mat is a great option for any Pilates lover. It even has a body alignment system to help you throughout your workouts.



MoveActive Pilates Reformer mat, $79 at THE ICONIC

Perhaps you’re more of a Reformer person, having your own mat for classes is always a good idea to not only cushion but help avoid second hand sweat.


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