Vesna’s body blitz — week one


One week into her weight loss program,Big Brother‘s Vesna has a confession to make: she had no idea just how much she’d let herself go in the house!

“The first week’s been very painful,” laughs the hairdresser turned popular reality TV star, who has begun her new diet and has been busy working out in the gym. “It’s not easy — it really isn’t, but I’m committed to it. I just never realised how unfit I was.”

Woman’s Day has asked Melbourne personal trainer Troy Hill, from Fitness First gyms, and Melbourne dietician Melanie McGrice to help Vesna get back into shape and lose the 12kg she stacked on during her three months as a Big Brother contestant.

“I knew it was going to be hard, but Troy is an amazing trainer — he’s really good. He just pushes me and I can’t get anything past him!”

Has the feisty Vesna, who reveals her clothes are already feeling looser, had to follow through on her warning to Troy that she may need to “vent” during their workouts?

“Yes, he’s heard that I hate him a few times,” she says, adding, “but he loves it. He knows that when I say I hate him, it means he’s working me hard.”

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