The CrossFit Challenge Weeks 5 & 6: Going it alone

Weeks 5 & 6 of Karen's CrossFit Challenge

On my own…

So it seems like everybody and their dog shuts down over the Christmas period including both of my gyms, one closed for two weeks the other on reduced hours making it impossible to make it there after work.

I was a little bit nervous about where to start but when I spoke to Pete he seemed confident that I knew enough to keep up my training on my own for a couple of weeks.

What I absolutely didn’t want to happen was for me to lose progress. I still remember all too well how hard it was at the beginning… my legs wobbling with every squat or lunge.

I decided while I was training on my own I’d make a point to focus on my cardio training since the threat of “conditioning” was still looming in my subconscious. I have this amazing piece of gym equipment from the 1980s that I inherited from my aunt when she upgraded to a treadmill. It’s called a NordicTrak and is basically a cross-country ski machine with wooden skis that you strap your feet into and a pulley system for your arms. It combines resistance and cardio and when I say it make you sweat buckets I’m not exaggerating. I hopped on that every other day for either 30 min or an hour.

I combined that with my old stair training and was happy to see that it still made my legs burn, especially when I just went from running up the stairs to adding 10kgs of free weights. One thing I realized before long was that I’ve completely outgrown all the weights in my little home gym. My 8kg kettle bell that had been collecting dust since I bought it because it was too heavy feels like it barely does a thing now. Who would have thought?

The weeks sped by and I managed to keep to my healthy eating plan despite the holiday temptations. I indulged with a glass of champagne on Christmas Eve and 2 for my Christmas Day lunch. New Years and Boxing Day I volunteered as designated driver. All in all I’d say it was a success. I didn’t lose any weight but for the first time in my adult life I made it through the holidays without putting on an ounce.

On the right track

Just in case I had any doubts about whether to stick with it, it seems like CrossFit is truly taking Hollywood by storm. Miss USA has become a CrossFit addict along with Disney beauty Venessa Hudgens and singer Kelly Clarkson. Clarkson says the workouts make her feel like GI Jane and I totally know what she means. Even the likes of hotties Brad Pitt and Jonathan Statham are getting in on the action to get their bodies ready for film roles. I guess I’m in good company.

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