Keeping it simple-stupid with yoghurt & cereal

Start your day off with a delicious bowl of yoghurt and crunchy, whole grain cereal

Starting your day off with a delicious bowl of yoghurt and crunchy, whole grain cereal, it may not be as progressive as your co-worker’s grass-fed steak and kale salad, but your body will thank you for it.

It seems as though everyday there is a new fad diet that we ‘must’ try. Whether it’s the latest trend, endorsed by your favourite celeb or involves starving yourself for a day or two, you’d be forgiven for feeling extremely overwhelmed with the enormous amount of choices you have. More than ever, it is important to be sensible and stick to simple diet changes, like introducing more dairy and grains, which has been shown to improve your wellbeing, inside and out.

Keep it simple and stick to what you know. It is no secret that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so it makes sense to begin your morning with something that is well-balanced, by adding cereal with fibre to your yoghurt – modest, yet still the best way to ensure you start your day off right.

We’ve known the benefits of yoghurt for a long time. Its probiotic effects and overall impressive benefits have made it a staple in the diets of the health conscious.

Probiotic literally means ‘for life’ and is a friendly bacteria that positively effects our digestive system. Yoghurt, which is rich in probiotics, improves the balance of flora in our gut and is a great way to balance the bacteria in the bowel.

Many of us begin our day with yoghurt, but try adding some whole grain cereal to give you the extra nutritious boost your body has been asking for.

Doctors have been telling us for years to eat more fibre, and breakfast cereals are often recommended to help people reach their fibre target. Studies show that whole grain cereals contain a blend of fibres, which help to support digestive health and regularity. People who don’t eat breakfast cereals also find it more difficult to make up their fibre intake across the day.

By filling your breakfast bowl with a blend of crunchy whole grain fibres and your favourite yoghurt, you are creating a match made in a wonderfully healthy heaven. You’ll be ensuring that you’re getting a good balance of dairy and grains, while topping up the protein, calcium and probiotics in yoghurt with the essential nutrients of cereal.

Not only is this combination delicious, it is the best way to maximise your breakfast nutrition and to have a fantastic start to the day.

This nutritious and health-conscious coupling isn’t backed by a celebrity chef, nor is it a well-hidden secret and you probably won’t find it amongst the glossy pages of a new fad diet cookbook.

However, a fibre, whole grain, crunchy cereal, a spoonful or two of a yoghurt rich in probiotics and some fresh fruit is still one of the best combinations for digestive wellbeing.

The best part though – it is cheap, unbelievably easy and satisfyingly delicious.

Next time you’re at the supermarket picking up your favourite tub of yoghurt, don’t forget to grab a box of whole grain, fibre cereal and relish in the digestive benefits your body is about to experience.

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